Venue: Shandong University

Location: Jinan, China

Event Date/Time: Oct 27, 2012 / 9:00 am - (GMT +8:00 hours) End Date/Time: Oct 28, 2012 / 8:00 pm - (GMT +8:00 hours)
Registration Date: Sep 26, 2012 Time: 01:00:00(GMT +8:00 hours)
Paper Submission Date: Sep 20, 2012
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Chinese culture has profoundly influenced the way a firm does business in contemporary China. With China’s growing economic power and international status, multinational corporations have been increasing their presence in China. Yet, it is truly challenging for practitioners and researchers to fully grasp the unique aspects and diversity of regional business cultures throughout China. Moreover, rapid globalization and development of information technology have enabled increasing numbers of Chinese companies to go international. Understanding foreign business cultural environments is an essential element in ensuring their successful entry into a foreign market.   The main purpose of the 2012 China Business Culture Research Conference, which will be held from 27 Oct. to 28 Oct. 2012 in Jinan, Shangdong, China, is to promote the development of business culture research and practice. The conference will provide a high-level academic exchange platform for scholars in business culture to facilitate their communication and discussion of the latest research output.


27 Shanda Nanlu,Jinan,P.R.China

Additional Information

Organizer: School of Management of Shandong University
Business Culture and Management Research Center of Shandong University
Jinan Management Science Institution   Sponsors: Journal of Chinese Business Culture
Asian Business Association
Asian Journal of Business Research
MAG Scholar   Conference topics The conference will include, but not be limited to, discussion of the following research topics: ○ Business culture and Chinese management innovation;
○ Evolution and comparison of International and Chinese business culture;
○ Chinese traditional culture and business culture innovation;
○ New confucian entrepreneurial culture;
○ Regional business culture;
○ Business Ethics and business morality;
○ Innovation and entrepreneurship culture;
○ Marketing strategy culture;
○ Business relationship and circle culture;
○ Brand culture;
○ Merchandise design and Merchandise pop culture;
○ Retail environment culture;
○ Network and E-Commerce culture;
○ Consumption culture;
○ The God of wealth, fortune and business relation culture;
○ Tourism culture;
○ Commercial enterprises culture;
○ Business culture regulation;
○ Business culture Heritage;
○ Business culture and business ecosystem;
○ Other related topics.   Conference schedule 26 Oct. 2012 – Registration
27 Oct. 2012, Morning – Conference opening ceremony and keynote speech
27 Oct. 2012, Afternoon – Panel discussion
27 Oct. 2012, Evening – Panel discussion
28 Oct. 2012 – Tour to Jinan, Qufu, Mount Tai or Ancient Capital Qi (cultures of Qi and Lu)