3rd International Conference on Archi-Cultural Interactions through the Silkroad

Organization: Bahcesehir University

Venue: Bahcesehir University

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Event Date/Time: Mar 25, 2015 / 9:00 am - (GMT +2:00 hours) End Date/Time: Mar 27, 2015 / 7:00 pm - (GMT +2:00 hours)
Registration Date: Feb 15, 2015 Time: 12:00:00(GMT +2:00 hours)
Early Registration Date: Jan 15, 2015 Time: 10:00:00(GMT +2:00 hours)
Abstract Submission Date: Sep 26, 2014 Time: 23:00:00(GMT +2:00 hours)
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Bahçeşehir University of Istanbul/Turkey and Mukogawa Womens University (MWU) of Nishinomiya/Japan are pleased to announce 3rd International Conference on “Archi-Cultural Interactions through the Silkroad”, organized by the International Association of Silkroad Universities (iaSU), scheduled to take place at Bahçeşehir University in March 25-27 2015, in Istanbul/Turkey

This conference intends to explore the range of cultural interactions of design with a special emphasis on built environment and its elements in all scales and practices within the broader geography and network of Silkroad -stretching from Europe to the Far East and Japan.

Silkroad is considered as a container and conveyor of knowledge; as a medium of interaction among different cultures. Going beyond the conventional explorations within the dichotomy of east and west; the variegated cultural and design practices of the Silkroad is intended to be discussed through close study of local dynamics and through the perspective of cultural interaction. Since interactions depend highly on cultural communication, this conference aims to initiate mapping networks, agents and examples of interactions mediating the dynamic and creative interfaces of the Silkroad; the unity and diversity of ‘design’ theories and practices within this special geography in perspective.

Design can be described as a configuration of a medium of communication between designers and the rest of the world. Throughout this configuration all the elements of design are interacting at the same time to structure the design language. By keeping this statement in mind, the major aim of this conference is to enhance the awareness of cross/trans cultural interactions along the Silkroad beyond borders and to foster cultural exchange in present and future prospects, beyond sharing the knowledge of history within a large scope of theoretical, technical and practical approaches of design.

As in the past iasu conferences, the main intention is to provide scholars, researchers, and practitioners from across the Silkroad with an interdisciplinary milieu to explore and debate historical, contemporary and future problems relating to the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape cultures and practices, interior design, product design and art practices of the Asian countries. With the affirmation that design in all scales incorporates both space, its elements and culture; descriptive, comparative, critical and practical studies on theories, cases, experiences, and interrelations between different scales and elements of design through research and practices are open to scholars covering wide spectrum regarding inter-connections between culture and the fields mentioned above.


The THEMES on “archi-cultural interactions” will cover the followings

§  Design tools, materials and methods

§  Materials & methods of the vernacular

§  Conservation practices and adaptive re-use

§  Cross-cultural interactions in art and design

§  Sustainability and ecological concerns

§  Urban & rural practices

§  Landscape traditions

§  Human & environment relations

§  Sacred & secular spaces

§  Objects of cultural practices

§  Cultural acts of dwelling

§  Digital approaches and applications

§  Current dynamics and future prospects in design


This conference offers a unique opportunity for scholars, universities and research institutions representing different cultural identities of the Silkroad to exchange ideas, initiate collaborative studies and to develop new strategies for improving cross-cultural understanding and communication. 


Proceedings of the conference will be published in the e-book format. Selected papers of the conference will be published as full text papers in the post conference book by Bahçeşehir University Press.



Extended Abstract Submission: September 26, 2014

Acceptance Notification: December 1, 2014

Conference Dates:  March 25-27, 2015


Early Registration: January 15,  2015

Regular Registration: February 15, 2015




The official language of the conference is English. Simultaneous translations from English to Turkish and Turkish to English will be provided only during the Opening Ceremony for thematic speeches by the representatives of universities and other higher education institutions from the Silkroad region.





Sema Soygeniş

Shigeyuki Okazaki

Bülent Uluengin

Tevfik Balcıoğlu  





Zuhal Ulusoy  

A. Zeynep Onur

Yasushi Asami

Türkan Ulusu Uraz  

Teruyuki Monnai

Shuichi Hokoi

Şebnem Timur Öğüt

Suzan Girginkaya Akdağ

Salih Ofluoğlu

Özen Eyüce   

Osman Demirbaş

Nilay Ünsal Gülmez

Neslihan Aydın Yönet

Murat Şahin

A. Müge Bozdayı

Mitsuo Takada

Minako Mizuno Yamanlar

Meltem Eti Proto

Mehmet Asatekin

Mamoru Kawaguchi

Kunio Kato

Kazuhiko Yanagisawa

Işıl Uçman Altınışık

İnci Deniz Ilgın

Hümanur Bağlı   

Hironobu Yoshida

Gülsüm Baydar

Göksun Akyürek Altürk

Farouk Y. Seyif  

Eren Şansal

Emine Onaran İncirlioğlu

Dürnev Atılgan 

Devrim Ülkebaş

Deniz Özkut

Deniz Hasırcı

Burak Altınışık

Bengü Uluengin

Ayşe Coşkun Orlandi

Aren Kurtgözü  

Ahmet Sezgin



3rd iaSU International Conference is organized by the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Istanbul Bahçeşehir University (BAU), in cooperation with Mukogawa Womens University (MWU) in Japan. The Organizing Committee includes the following Bahcesehir University faculty members:

Murat Dündar (Vice-Dean, Faculty of Architecture & Design)

Sezin Tanrıöver (Chair, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design)

Elçin Tezel (Chair, Department of Industrial Design)

Melahat Küçükarslan Emiroğlu (Faculty of Architecture & Design)

Sinem Kültür (Faculty of Architecture & Design)

Belinda Torus (Faculty of Architecture & Design)



Renk Dimli Oraklıbel (Faculty of Architecture & Design)

Zeynep Gül Söhmen (Faculty of Architecture & Design)


Osmanpaasa Mektebi Sok. Ciragan cad. no 4-6


Bahcesehir University