4th Annual Shale Play Water Management: Southern States

Organization: American Business Conferences

Venue: Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 19, 2013 End Date/Time: Nov 20, 2013
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Successfully recycling produced water on a large scale and cost-effectively obtaining high volumes of frac water from sources that are not used by municipal or agricultural demand.

That, is the objective of most completions teams in Southern States shale plays such as the Eagle Ford, Tuscaloosa, Woodford and Mississippi Lime.

With the water consumption of a single Eagle Ford shale well, being estimated at 6 million gallons and drought conditions in the South continuing to put pressure on existing water supplies, water is easily the most competitive resource when it comes to completions.

Faced with a growing variety of chemical and technical treatment options for produced water recycling, water management continues to come at a high cost to operators. Expenditure on water transportation, handling, storage and disposal also represents a dramatic percentage of overall water management costs and if operators want to remain economic, striving to optimize procedures while ensuring the safe handling of water at every step is critical. Of course, as well as the technical and logistical challenges, a large part of optimization involves remaining abreast of regulatory developments to ensure proactive solutions are devised for safe handling, storage and disposal.

The 4th Annual Shale Play Water Management: Southern States is now returning to Dallas with a brand new updated agenda to tackle the most pressing current issues; how to source water in drought conditions and how to determine the most cost-effective chemical treatment method for produced water re-use. Expert speakers from leading E&P companies operating the shale plays of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma will demonstrate results from both commercial use and trialling treatment technologies such as crystallization, coagulation, filtration and distillation to demonstrate the value versus expenditure and aid operators in the decision making process.

Operator case studies will show the cost structure of executing an entire network of water management infrastructure including the implementation of water pipelines, storage options and optimization of wastewater disposal. Because every step of the water management process entails a complex set of ever-evolving regulations to follow delegates will hear from key state policy advisers and regulatory bodies on updates for water sourcing, recycling, storage, and disposal requirements to navigate the regulatory maze and anticipate forthcoming mandates at this year's only water management event dedicated to Southern State shale plays.


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