7th Annual Poverty and Social Protection Conference (PSPC2014)

Venue: Royal Benja Hotel

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Event Date/Time: Mar 09, 2014 / 2:00 pm - (GMT +7:00 hours) End Date/Time: Mar 11, 2014 / 2:00 pm - (GMT +7:00 hours)
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 01, 2014 Time: 12:00:00(GMT +7:00 hours)
Paper Submission Date: Feb 15, 2014 Time: 12:00:00(GMT +7:00 hours)
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7th Annual Poverty and Social Protection Conference will take place from 9-11 March 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.

This conference will focus on issues of poverty and its eradication, social inequality, race relations and policy management and mismanagement with an international perspective. As poverty continues to be an ongoing, often-inhumane problem, this conference aims to provide a comparative perspective in analyzing past/current trends and conditions to better understand the never-ending downward spiral many individuals and families find themselves in.

The 2014 Poverty and Social Protection Conference (P.S.P) will address questions regarding the role and importance of equal distribution of resources and social inclusion. The potential roles and impacts less-developed countries have on politics, business, education and the public sector. In addition, major social and economic trends and their potential for poverty reduction.

The 2014 P.S.P Conference will focus on how poverty is measured, the effects of welfare states, the major causes of poverty including environmental and economic factors such as the World Bank as well as governance, demographics and social factors.

P.S.P Conference 2014 will also address the many effects of poverty, rural development,  including social isolation, human trafficking, displacement, suicide and homelessness. Poverty reduction strategies, economic growth, free market, fair trade, social aid and the unavoidable effects of globalization.

As a P.S.P conference participant you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss these and many additional issues of importance in creating strategies for the eradication of poverty, particularly amongst underdeveloped countries and within disadvantaged groups.

The 2014 P.S.P. Conference will welcome scholars, NGO representatives, corporate and Governmental representatives gathered with a common goal- that of poverty reduction and to increase social responsibility. Fostering partnerships and international cooperation are integral steps towards notable change.

Tomorrow People Non-Profit Organization hopes you will have the opportunity to join us as we embark on this international event, combing perspectives, underlining goals, and networking for positive change. We look forward to meeting you in Bangkok in March!

Key objectives:

  • Identify main players as well as affected groups and sub-groups
  • To better understand the role of civil society in poverty eradication
  • To better understand the governmental role in poverty eradication
  • Analyze & develop specific policies & targeted groups
  • Build a knowledgeable global network committed to change


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