Event Date/Time: Oct 15, 2013 / 9:00 am - (GMT +10:00 hours) End Date/Time: Oct 16, 2013 / 5:00 pm - (GMT +10:00 hours)
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Ausclean Pulire 2013 is an opportunity for companies in the cleaning & support services industries to market, sell & promote their products & services.

Pulire and AUSCLEAN have entered into a strategic alliance which includes an agreement that will see the leading international cleaning industry exhibition group support the next national AUSCLEAN show – Sydney, 15 to 16 October 2013. Pulire has been expanding its international brand in recent years and now has partnerships in Spain, India, Turkey and Asia. The partnership with AUSCLEAN, Australia’s dedicated cleaning show, is Pulire’s first in Australia/New Zealand. The exhibition offers the opportunity to launch new products, meet the press, network and come face to face with residential & commercial professionals. Exhibitors will include suppliers of commercial cleaning equipment, services, chemicals and technologies of ground maintenance services, hygiene products, pest control services, safety products, storage systems, signage, security, waste management, energy management and fire services.

The first Ausclean Pulire will be held 15-16 October 2013 at Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney.


James Ruse Drive

Conference Speakers

  • Tuesday 15th October Room 1 Building Service Contractors Stream Room 2 WoolSafe Conference 9.00–9.45am Why Should I Buy From You? Ron Segura, president of Segura & AssociatesRon brings more than 45 years of experience in all segments of the cleaning industry, 10 of those years were spent overseeing the cleaning of more than 400 000 square metres for The Walt Disney Company. With 11 years of consulting both domestic and internationally, Segura & Associates has been assisting organisations to perform at maximum efficiencies, while raising the quality of service. Ron is the United States correspondent for Tomorrows Cleaning (UK), The European Cleaning Journal (UK) and a contributor to INCLEAN magazine. 9.00–9.30am Introduction Patrick Burgess, Director of WoolSafe Australia Col Nation, President of The Individual Cleaners Association 9.45–10.30am John Laws, president of Australian Cleaning Contractors’ AllianceJohn Laws has been involved in the cleaning industry since 1976 and has had much experience in Costing and Quoting for many significant projects around Australia. He will bring that experience and knowledge to bear in explaining the methods which can assist you to quote jobs successfully while incorporating the various costs involved to ensure profitability. 9.30–10.15am Allan Firth CIAL Carpet Institute of Australia 11.00–11.45am Industry Panel – Risk Management for Retail Moderated by Terry Corby, national president of BSCAA


    • Damien Coorey, director of CRM Brokers
    • Mark McKay, owner of Slip Test NSW
    • Elizabeth Ramsay, partner at AR Connolly & Company Lawyers

    Often, retail contracts are avoided by the smaller BSCs as it’s believed that their larger competitors have the wherewithal to analyse insurance and indemnity clauses as well as the in-house expertise to negotiate favourable changes in line with their policy wording. Wrong! Our panel of experts in the risk management and public liability sector will discuss the tips and traps of retail contracts and how you may minimise your exposure to claims through careful planning and broking advice.

    10.15–10.30am Morning Tea 10.30–11.15am Steve Bakker WoolSafe UK 11.45–12.30pm Success in Business & World Federation of Building Service Contractors Congress 2014 Stanley Doobin, president of Harvard Maintenance, a leading New York-based BSCStanley will reveal how to grow your company by empowering your employees – the secret of the Inverted Pyramid – as he discusses concepts he used to grow his firm from US$2.5 million to US$300 million per annum turnover. He will also touch on trends from the United States that could help you with your business. 12.00–12.45pm Stain removal workshop Col Nation, Nation Training and The Daniels Associatates Col will conduct a hands on stain removal workshop do demonstrate some techniques to remove a range of difficult stains. 12.45-1.00pm Lunch Room 1 Carpet & Restoration Stream 1.00-2.00pm Panel Discussion Patrick Burgess to Chair a Q&A panel 1.30–2.15pm Success in Business & World Federation of Building Service Contractors Congress 2014 Moderated by Ashley Easterby of Network Restorers


    • Duncan Bennett, director of Network Restorers
    • David Quinn, director of Flood Emergency Network
    • Oliver Thelfall, CEO/owner of Steamatic

    The panel will consist of three industry representatives discussing the changing role of the restoration industry from three different views – the insurer (David Quinn), the contractor (Oliver Threlfall) and the third party administrator (Duncan Bennett). Areas covered will include the balance between price and quality covering standards; auditing; education; price v safety; building skills-based networks; gatekeeper role; and channelling big and small business.

    2.00–3.30pm Workshop 2.15–3.15pm Case Study – Heat Drying v Dehumidification Garry Carroll, director of All Aces Services and Scott McFadzen, director of MacKay Carpet Care & RestorationThere are many ways to dry a building – think outside the square. Garry Carroll and Scott McFadzen will share case studies of how they use different techniques and pieces of equipment to achieve excellent results in drying properties after water damage events. No matter what equipment you currently use – you will find this presentation extremely thought provoking. The presentation will focus on complex drying situations such as drying open plan areas and multi storey properties using heat drying, dehumidification and controlling indoor temperature to achieve drying goals. 3.30–4.00pm Afternoon Tea 4.00–4.30pm Inspectors Discussion 3.15–4.00pm Dealing with Sewage Remediation – leaving the property safe Patrick Moffet, senior environmental/industrial hygienist at Environmental Management & Engineering, Inc.Many cleaning and restoration companies get asked to clean up after sewage has contaminated a property. How do you ensure that you are leaving the property safe? What are the standards that cover these situations? How do you use the standards to help explain the correct procedures to customers – property manager, insurance assessors and more. Patrick will give you a chance to talk about sewage and gain clarity on how it should be dealt with. 4.30pm Close of conference and Drinks
  Wednesday 16th October Room 1 Healthcare and Hygiene Stream Room 2   9.00–9.45am Debate – Hand Hygiene v Environmental Cleaning Moderated by Greg Whiteley


  • Mary-Louise McLaws, clinical professor at UNSW
  • Iain Gosbell, clinical microbiologist at UWS

Professor Mary-Louise McLaws started working in healthcare associated infection patient safety when she performed the seminal national prevalence survey in 1985 and developed the first surveillance system for HAIs for the NSW Ministry of Health in 1998. She is currently a World Health Organisation (WHO) epidemiology advisor to the WHO Clean is Safer Care hand hygiene campaign. Mary-Louise will be arguing the affirmative for hand hygiene. Iain Gosbell, professor of Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine, UWS, is interested in MRSA and VRE, and researches the contribution of environmental biofilms to nosocomial infections. Iain will be arguing the affirmative for environmental cleaning.

10.00–10.45am Optimising Your Cleaning Program – trends to implement now Javier Conejo, business development manager for Tennant AustraliaJavier is responsible for helping customers run a more productive and profitable business by implementing innovative, sustainable cleaning programs. During this important education session, conventional cleaning beliefs will be challenged and new cleaning solutions will be explained. You will learn about cutting-edge technology and operational improvements, as well as effective cleaning methods to reduce your total cost to clean and optimise your cleaning program. 9.45–10.30am Bed Bugs Risk in Aged Care Stephen Doggett, senior hospital scientist and director of the department of Medical Entomology at Westmead HospitalCurrently the world is in the grip of a global bed bug resurgence. Bed bugs are insects that bite and affect people’s health in numerous ways. Control is difficult and expensive, and many victims, particularly the aged, do not have the fiscal resources to pay for eradication. People are then forced to resort to hazardous methods of control that put themselves and others at harm, or else live with chronic infestations.  tephen is the principal author of ‘A Code of Practice for the Control of Bed Bugs in Australia’, the industry standard for the control of bed bugs. 11.00–11.45am Sustainable Infection Control Cleaning Murray McDonald, director of Duplex Cleaning MachinesThis presentation is aimed at those in the healthcare sector and will outline the key reasons why infection control cleaning is changing and the benefits of ‘sustainable’ infection control cleaning – covering its role in regular, discharge and outbreak cleaning. Murray will also touch on the effectiveness of mircrofibre and steam in a clinical setting and how to implement change and overcome objections with reference to case studies and trials conducted by Southern Health Victoria, Port Macquarie Operating Theatre and the UK Department of Health. 11.00–11.45am The Healthy Workplace – delivering exceptional workplaces Aiden Boyce, regional segment leader Asia Pacific, Kimberly-Clark CorporationYour organisation understands and values the importance of excellence and image. To stay at the top, continuous improvement is necessary. Kimberly-Clark will show you how to achieve that simply and effectively in your business. Kimberly-Clark Professional has a vision that places its customers, its employees and its aspirations at the centre of everything it does. The company’s vision is to work with customers who believe in creating an exceptional workplace. Aiden will discuss these areas to help you create a healthy workplace in your organisation. 1.30–2.15pm Success in Business & World Federation of Building Service Contractors Congress 2014 Chris Joyce, national general manager sales at ISS Facility ServicesThis seminar will review how the right leadership and engaging the cleaning team in organisational goals gives them better motivation and can instill a sense of pride in their work. It will also examine how different cleaning models can bring cost efficiencies, without the need to pay under award rates. The risks that facility managers take in employing third party contractors that don’t pay fairly, fail to train their staff effectively or recruit illegally can be wide reaching so understand your obligations and explore alternatives as presented in this session. 1.00–1.45pm Better Recognising and Promoting the Role of Hygiene and Cleaning for a Healthier Australian Society Bronwyn Capanna, executive director of AccordIt goes without saying that poor hygiene leads to all sorts of bad health outcomes; food contamination and gastrointestinal illness, failure to prevent the spread of colds and flu, and even superbug infections that can turn hospitals from places of healing to hotbeds of illness. Industry has been busy promoting the good hygiene message with Accord’s Hygiene for Health website prime example. However, more needs to be done. And greater collaboration to promote the hygiene message between the cleaning products and cleaning industry broadly along with health authorities is the key. 2.15–3.00pm City Cleaning Processes Presented by Hako Australia 3.00–3.45pm Professional Housekeepers – outsourcing to a hotel Con Katsinas, chief executive officer of International Hotel ServicesCon Katsinas graduated from university with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing, and joined Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation where he developed his career over 11 years through a number of Parkroyal properties. As a key member of the team at the then flagship Hotel (Landmark Parkroyal), Con accomplished a great deal in turning the property into one of SPHC’s success stories. When this task was completed Con sought a position that could best capitalise on his strong rooms background and interest in human resources issues. This coincided with International Hotel Services joining the market in housekeeping and labour provision to the hospitality industry. Con will address the benefits of outsourcing to a hotel and how he feels the process can be best managed for both parties. 2.00-2.45pm Changing With The Times It is arguable that Australians have set the benchmark for the use of back pack vacuum cleaners (back packs) in the commercial cleaning industry. As the back pack has evolved over time, so have the needs of customers. As such, the niche market of back packs has been driven to progress with industry needs, as required by users and as demanded by regulatory authorities. Two of the more recent needs in the cleaning industry have been for cordless technology in addition to the preservation of operators’ health with respect to hazardous substances. Improved battery technology is enabling their practical application in commercial vacuum cleaners, while advances in design capabilities and filtration are protecting users and their customers from harm. Going forward, battery technology will continue to help improve the modus operandi of Building Service Contractors (BSCs) along with their profitability as a result. At the same time, improvements in design and technology facilitate compliance to the latest in safety and filtration standards that protect all of us. It is imperative that manufacturers are in tune with customers and know, if not even anticipate their needs. From our point of view, BSCs need to remain profitable while complying with Workplace Health and Safety regulations. As we in Australia know, back packs are a key contributor to the bottom line due to their speed. Back packs must therefore continue to change with the times and reinvent the application of technologies if they are to remain an indispensable tool in the cleaning industry. Room 3 Jena Dyco presents Rug Cleaning Marketing Workshop – Tools to grow a successful rug cleaning division 8.15–4.30pm , certified rug specialistAlready clean rugs? Are you ready to turn your rug cleaning division into a highly profitable one that keeps on growing? BEWARE: If you come to this course you will learn skills that if implemented will make you money.Learn how to:


  • attract the right customers
  • implement low cost but effective rug cleaning marketing strategies
  • sell your rug cleaning expertise on the phone, at a customer’s house or at your office
  • provide the best rug cleaning service your customers have ever seen
  • keep your customers coming back and referring you to everyone they know
Room 4 WoolSafe Technician Course 9.00–5.00pm In this course you will be learning about wool and it’s special characteristics that makes it the most durable carpet fibre. You will learn how it is turned into beautiful carpets that give exceptional value for money if maintained well. You will learn about the cleaning chemistry and how to know which products to use to get the best and safest results for your customers.You will learn about the WoolSafe chemical testing program and Certified Provider programs and how they can benefit you and your customers. You will also learn to deal with a number of problems and how to solve them for your customers.There is a take home, open book assessment that you complete and post back for review by the trainer. Successful completion of the course and assessment entitles the candidate to apply for membership of the WoolSafe Approved Certified Providers Network.


Exhibits included