Event Date/Time: Nov 14, 2013 End Date/Time: Nov 15, 2013
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4th International Conference BATTERY SAFETY 2013 November  14  - 15 ,  2013 in San Diego, CA


Widely publicized safety incidents, hazardous events related and recalls of lithium-ion batteries have raised legitimate concerns regarding lithium-ion battery safety across various battery systems sizes and applications, from microelectronics and medical to automotive and aero space. Battery Safety 2013 is conveniently timed with our 9th annual Lithium Battery Power 2013 and will address the concerns of battery safety and reliability by exploring a wide spectrum of related topics including the following:

• Application specific battery safety issues affecting battery performance

-       Microbatteries

-       Batteries for electronic devices

-       Automotive batteries

-       Battery systems for military applications

-       Batteries for aviation and aero space use

-       Large scale energy storage systems

• Major battery degradation and reliability factors

• Internal shorts, thermal runaway and stability, aging, catastrophic failure, etc.

• Intelligent battery management systems

• Abuse tolerance and advanced testing procedures and protocols

• Commercial cells evaluation and failure analysis

• Improving safety trough computational methods, modeling and simulation

• High throughput testing, automation and modeling for better safety

• Standardization and regulatory issues


1441 Quivira Road
San Diego
United States

Conference Speakers

Battery Safety Program Outline


The Right Path to Safety: Chemistry or System? Sam Jaffe, Navigant Research


Battery Level Safety and Safety Validation Larry J. Yount,  LaunchPoint Energy and Power - LEAP LLC


Characteristics of Cells before a Thermal Runaway and How to Prevent it by a Better Battery Management System (tentative title) Michael Pecht, PhD, University of Maryland

Presentation title to be confirmed

James Post, Battery Condition Test International Ltd, Hong Kong


SENSOR: Embedded Fiber-optic Sensing Systems for Advanced Battery Management

Peter Kiesel, PhD, and Ajay Raghavan, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), a Xerox Company*


Safety of Large Li-Ion Battery Systems Bart Mantels,  VITO unit Energy Technology, Belgium


The Advancements of Battery Management Systems Michael Worry, CEO, Nuvation; and Jonathan P. Murray, Bloomy Energy Systems


Presentation title to be confirmed Rachid Yazami, PhD, Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeAbstract forthcoming


Electrochemical-calorimetric studies for the determination of heat data of 40 Ah lithium ion pouch cells Carlos Ziebert, PhD, Institute for Applied Materials & Applied Materials Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany*


An Introduction to the BMBF Project SafeBatt and the Implementation of Nail Penetration Tests for Commercial Type 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells Jan Haetge, PhD, University of Muenster, Germany


Gaining Compliance to IEC 62133, 2nd Edition Rich Byczek, Intertek  

Are Soft Short Tests Good Indicators of Internal Li-Ion Cell Defects Judith Jeevarajan, PhD, NASA Johnson Space Center


Development of an On-Demand Internal Short Circuit (NREL/NASA)

Matthew Keyser, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Li-Ion Battery Safety Test for High Power Applications JaeSik Chung, PhD, PCTest Engineering Laboratory Leclanché Highly Safe Titanate Lithium-Ion Batteries Deghenghi Gianluca, Buqa Hilmi, Blanc Pierre, Leclanché SA, Switzerland Enhanced Battery Safety through In-Situ Coatings Christopher M. Lang, PhD, Physical Sciences Inc.


An Experimental Study on Heat Evolution inside a Lithium-Ion Battery Cell by Embedded Fiber Bragg Gratings Gwo-Shyang Hwang, PhD, National Taiwan University, Taiwan*


Realistic Multivariate Modeling of Lithium Batteries Using a Proportional Hazards Methodology George M. Lloyd, PhD, ACTA Inc., and P. P. Mukherjee, PhD, Texas A&M University


Safer Batteries Through Predictive Simulation John A. Turner, PhD, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Monitoring off Gas from Lithium Ion Batteries

Davion Hill, PhD, Principal Engineer, Det Norske Veritas New Metallic Contaminant Detection System Based on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction Saburo Tanaka, PhD, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan