China Nuclear Power Development Summit 2013

Organization: Galleon


Location: Hangzhou, China

Event Date/Time: May 28, 2013 / 9:00 am - (GMT +8:00 hours) End Date/Time: May 29, 2013 / 5:00 pm - (GMT +8:00 hours)
Abstract Submission Date: May 20, 2013 Time: 17:00:00(GMT +8:00 hours)
Paper Submission Date: May 23, 2013 Time: 17:00:00(GMT +8:00 hours)
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Event Overview


Officially hosted by Zhejiang Nuclear Society and strongly supported by Harbin Electric, Dongfang Electric and Shanghai Electric, the three major nuclear equipment manufacturers, China Nuclear Power Development Summit 2013 will gather together the global industrial experts to discuss about the latest hotspots and find out the opportunities & challenges facing the industry. CNPDS 2013 is dedicated to  driving the industry ahead by being the platform and bridge of industrial communication, cooperation and innovation. 


During the 2-days conference, the discussion will mainly focus on the analysis of China nuclear power industry, certification and qualification of nuclear equipment, safety upgrades of NPP in service, NPP to be constructed and the development route of future nuclear power technologies in China. Through the comprehensive programme of keynote speech, panel discussion, showcase, one-to-one business meeting, cocktail party and site tour, the attendees will have in-depth understandings of government policy update and know about the actual need from the owners or operators for the safety upgrade and new builds, most importantly, enjoy the maximized networking opportunities with real decision makers in charge of those safety upgrade or new NPP projects from both decision-making and engineering side. It helps all stakeholders no matter the newcomers or senior representatives to define or evaluate their strategies in china nuclear market.





Embrace the unparalleled period of china nuclear industry!

The state council adjusted and finally approved three files this October respectively the 12th FYP of nuclear safety and prevention and treatment of radioactive contamination and vision of 2020, nuclear safety plan (2011~2020), medium- and long-term development plan for nuclear power (2011~2020). This delivered to the public a clear signal of the country's ambition on nuclear power and its emphasis on nuclear safety.


The executive meeting of the council has outlined three important principles of nuclear construction plan for current and future period:

  • The supervisory authorities will steadily approve construction of new nuclear projects, suspended projects get restarted and implemented smoothly with a rational pace
  • Only few validated & verified coastal projects can get approval whilst no inland projects would be approved during 2011~2015
  • All new builds must comply with the 3rd-gen safety standards.


As highlighted in these files, the supervisory body said for china nuclear industry, ensuring safety and security is top priority for all the processes from planning, construction, operation and decommissioning of NPP. The industry must actively implement the international cooperations and apply the most advanced and mature technologies to carry out the safety upgrades for the NPPs both in service and under construction. The safety performance and safety management capabilities of the existing nuclear power units must be comprehensively improved and strengthened.The country will put more efforts into the R & D of nuclear safety technology and equipment, advance the establishment of regime for nuclear safety standards and regulations and enhance emergency management and response capabilities of nuclear accidents.


You can definitely see china features an emerging market with the safety upgrade of existing nuclear power units and new safety standard for the nuclear new build. What would the new situation be for nuclear safety, supply chain, reactor technology?



Official Host:

Zhejiang Nuclear Society


CNNC Qinshan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd

CNNC Nuclear Power Qinshan Joint Venture Co.,Ltd.

CNNC Third Qinshan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

CNNC Sanmen Nuclear Power Co.Ltd

Support Organization:

  • Herbin Electric Corporation
  • Dongfang Electric Corporation
  • Shanghai Elextric Corporation
  • China Nuclear Power City


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Marketing Executive

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