Contrastivve analysis, didactics and Language in contact (JPD)

Organization: Ministry of Higher Education

Venue: Wyman Tavern

Location: Keene , New Hampshire, United States

Event Date/Time: Dec 06, 2013 / 8:00 am - (GMT -1:00 hours) End Date/Time: Dec 07, 2013 / 5:00 pm - (GMT -1:00 hours)
Early Registration Date: Nov 14, 2013
Abstract Submission Date: Aug 08, 2013
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CONTRASTIVE ANALYSIS, DIDACTICS AND LANGUAGES IN CONTACT The University of Yaoundé I (Cameroon) (reported to) 6-7 December 2013 Deadline 8 August 2013 Organisers: Edmond BILOA (Chair, Department of African Languages and Linguistics), Professor Bernard Mbassi (Higher Teachers’ Training College of The University of Yaoundé I) and Julia NDIBNU MESSINA ETHE, in collaboration with: - Le Club of Linguistics students, - The University of Douala (The Department of Science of Education) - The University of Yaoundé I (Department of African Languages and Linguistics) Within the extension of activities for doctoral training which takes place quarterly in the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, the doctoral school days intend to propose an avenue for discussion in the course of a seminar-debate on December 6-7 2013. The session will gather, at the University of Yaoundé 1, young researchers (doctoral students and post doctoral fellows) from diverse horizons around a common work area all the while respecting the specificities of approach of each speaker. They shall dwell on comparisons and contrast between many language with the aim of presenting new theories on language policies, translation and interpretation, didactics as well language pathologies and therapies. Discussions shall alongside focus on the evolution of studies on language contact and languages in contact especially in plurilingual contexts. Equally, new approaches dwelling on the use of digital technology and gaming shall be tackled. Varied axes of reflection (not limited) are thus envisaged: - 1st Axis: contrastive analysis with focus on linguistic contrast and language policies, language acquisition from language contrast as well as translation and interpretation, - 2nd Axis: Language contact with emphasis on borrowing, calques, neologisms, the incidence on syntactic levels, creoles, linguistic identity, linguistic appropriation etc, - 3rd Axis: The didactics of languages with emphasis on language teaching in digitized environments, play and digital approaches in language teaching (web, radio etc) The session will have a double objective of which the first will be the training of young researchers in applied linguistics research and especially in the writing of articles. The second will be to bring together the greatest number of students possible at the Master/Doctorate and recent PhDs (not more than 3 years old) for a presentation of their research works that could be published (only the best papers will be selected for publication in December 2014).

Registration - Non salarised students registered at the Masters/Doctorate level with student ID Card/receipt of payment of fees for current year, ie proof of registration at the Masters level within the current year; 5 euros (3000frs) - Masters and Doctorate students without proof of registration: 8 euros (5000frs) - Post-doctorate fellows without any lucrative activity: 10 euros (7000frs) - Confirmed and salarised post-doctorate fellows and researchers: 16 euros (10000frs) Travel and accommodation costs are borne by the participants. The organizers shall cater for the various breaks and the publication of the proceedings. Abstract presentation modalities Filling the registration form comprising the title and the abstract of the proposed paper, maximum of 350 words with references and key words before August 8 2013, - Notification of acceptance or refusal of proposal, October 24th 2013, - Preliminary programme, 1st Noember 2013 - Final programme, 15 November 2013. Practical information Length of presentation (with discussions): 20mins Language of presentation: French or English  

Participation fees shall be paid on the spot Scientific Committee: Pr. Edmond Biloa (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Philippe Mutaka (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Beban Sammy Chumbow (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Zachée Bitjaa Kody (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Pius Tamanji (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Jules Assoumou (The University of Douala) Pr. Kouega (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Echu (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Barnabé Mbala Ze (ENS of The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Bernard Mbassi (ENS of The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Gabriel Mba (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Etienne Saofmbouo (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Justine Atemajong (ENS of The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Marie Anne Boum Ndongo (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Camille Ekomo (The University of Douala) Pr. Jean Marie Essono (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Onguene Essono (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Richard Omgba (The University of Yaoundé I) Pr. Evariste Ntakirutimana (The National University of Rwanda) Pr. Austin OfDrouillard (The University of Botswana) Pr. Omer Massoumou (The Marien Ngouabi University) Pr. Thierry Soubrié (The University of Grenoble III) Dr. Julia Ndibnu Messina (The University of Douala) Dr. Blasius Chiatoh (The University of Buea) Dr. Moba (Univesité of Douala)

Dr Gratien Atingdogbe (Université de Buea)

Dr Innocent Fasse (Université de Douala) Paul Fonkoua (The University of Yaoundé 1) Elisabeth Ambang (The University of Buea) Meh Deris (The University of Yaoundé 1) Organising Committee: Prof. Edmond Biloa Dr. Julia Ndibnu Messina Meh Deris Paul Péguy Kegoum Joseph Mbarga Your proposals and abstracts can be sent to the following addresses: ,

Web site:

NB: The registration form should follow the format presented here below: Name and surnames: Scientific title: Institution of affiliation : Supervisor/Name of thesis supervisor: Representative papers (2 maximum): Email : Tel: Official address: Title of paper: Area of interest: 05 key words: Abstract:


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Ministry of Higher Education

Conference Speakers

Professor Beban Sammy Chumbow (University of Yaounde I)

Professor Edmond Biloa (University of Yaounde I)

Professor Assoumou (Univerity of Douala)

Professor Bernard Mbassi (University of Yaounde I)