Culture of Star Wars

Organization: Academic Circle of Pop Culture Studies “Trickster”

Venue: Novotel Wroclaw

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Event Date/Time: Sep 27, 2013 / 10:00 am - (GMT) End Date/Time: Sep 29, 2013 / 5:00 pm - (GMT)
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 15, 2013 Time: 12:00:00(GMT)
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There are not many movies that changed the landscape of popular cinema as much as the first “Star Wars” trilogy did. These films became a phenomenon transcending film medium and their influence on pop culture can’t be overestimated.

“Star Wars” is the contemporary culture phenomenon of unmatched scope. Film series produced many faithful fans, partly organized into fan clubs, and the movies themselves are often and fondly quoted in different texts of culture. The world of “Star Wars” is notable for its historical, geographical, social, and cultural cohesion. It gives its fans philosophy and mythology they can relate to in their every-day lives.

Both (what is said above) and multimedia franchise and multi-generational fan base that grew around those movies require reflection that can’t be undertaken from the perspective of one discipline. We need complementary interdisciplinary research that will highlight all aspects of the “culture of Star Wars” phenomenon. Organizers hope that this conference will be an opportunity to undertake such an analysis.

Proposed issues:

  • “Star Wars” as a neo-myth;

  • “Star Wars” in the culture of convergence: novels, games, comics etc.;

  • “Star Wars” as world-building

  • fan community and fan/amateur works;

  • “Star Wars” influence on cinema and its genre formulas—inspirations and imitators;

  • technical aspects of “Star Wars” (special effects, scenography, make-up etc.) and their influence on the development of cinematography;

  • “Star Wars” trademark and evolution of the entertainment industry;

  • Present and future of “Star Wars” in the entertainment industry;

  • “Star Wars” in the eyes of psychologist, therapist, and pedagogue;

  • anthropology of the galaxy far far away;

  • global and local reception of “Star Wars”;

  • “Star Wars” and the phenomenon of collecting.

Conference languages: Polish, English

Time: September 27-29th 2013

Place: Faculty of Philology of the University of Wroclaw

Organizers: Doctoral Academic Circle of Pop Culture Studies “Trickster”, Student’s Academic Circle of Pop Culture Studies “Trickster”

Expected number of participants: 30

Conference fee: 100 PLN / 25 EUR

Duration of one presentation: 20 minutes

Applications: through the application form

Deadline for abstracts: July 15th 2013

Attention! In case you can’t participate in conference personally, we are accepting previously recorded video speech.


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