Designing and Conducting Surveys, Data Analysis and All Possible Sample Size Determination

Organization: Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)

Venue: Holiday Inn Downtown

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: Apr 12, 2013 / 10:30 am - (GMT +4:00 hours) End Date/Time: Apr 13, 2013 / 5:30 pm - (GMT +4:00 hours)
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Quality research always demands thoughtfully framed sample and data collection techniques. The rightly chosen sample leads to good results of study while good survey produces reliability in the research. RCTD is organizing an International Research Workshop “Designing and Conducting Surveys, Data Analysis and All Possible Sample Size Determination” on 12-13 April, 2013 through High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing.



The workshop aims in developing advanced Survey Methods and Survey Data Analysis Skills of the participants through lectures, presentations,use of softwares, robust training techniques. The workshop includes hands-on practice sessions using SPSS(Data Analysis),Pass, Excel and Gpower(Sample size Determination). 




The researchers from Universities, Research Institutes, R&D organizations and Social Sector organizations are requested to participate individually or institutional in their own auditorium/office/home from anywhere around the world. The individual participant can participate using a laptop/desktop computer connected through internet. For institutional registration and arrangements, contact us (00971528047514, 00923224309974) or .


Course Outline:



Survey Research Methodology


·        Practical Surveys (Cases)

·        Cornerstone of a Quality Survey

·        Deciding What Information You Need

·        Choosing a Survey Method

·        Sampling and its Importance

·        Sample Size Determination using PASS, Excel & GPower (Cases)

·        Writing Good Questions

·        Questionnaire/Scale Development

·        Setting Your Survey in Motion and getting it done

·        From Questionnaires to Survey Results

·        Reporting Survey Results


Survey Data Analysis Using SPSS


Descriptive Statistics for Surveys


·        Stem and Leaf Plot

·        Graphical, Tabulation and Numerical Presentation of Data

·        Measuring the Central Tendency, Position and Dispersion

·        Selection of Appropriate Statistical tools for DataPresentation


Hypothesis Testing for Surveys


·        Types of Hypothesis

·        Concepts of level of Significance, p-value

·        Types of Errors


Seeing Relationship for Surveys


·        Simple Linear Regression

·        Multiple Regressions

·        Logistic Regression, Odds ratio

·        Pearson Correlation, Spearman Correlation

·        Multiple correlations, Partial Correlation


Comparing Groups for Surveys


·        T-tests

·        ANOVA

·        Repeated measurement ANOVA

·        MANOVA and MANCOVA


Measuring Association for Surveys


·        Chi-Square Test in Survey Data Analysis (Case)

·        Fisher’s Exact Test for Nominal Scale Data

·        Coefficient of Contingency

·        Crammer’s V




Resource Persons:


Mr. Anton Svendrovski


Designing and Conducting Surveys

Data Analysis for Surveys

IBM SPSS Certified





Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)



M. Naseem



Bureau of Statistics

Expert of Quantitative Data Analysis using SPSS


Department of Surveys and Data Management


Research Center for Training & Development( RCTD)






Date:12th - 13th of April, 2013(Friday-Saturday)

Time:  10:30 am-5:30 pm Dubai, UAE

Investment:   Rs.3000/participant International: US$200/participant

InstitutionalParticipation:  Rs.40,000 International: US$1500 (up to 30 participants)



Note: The Universities/Institutes are requested to organize this International level workshop in their own auditorium/computer lab. The host institute does not require to have any conferencing facility. The conferencing facility will be provided by RCTD. For Institutional participation and arrangements, contact us (00971528047514, 00923224309974) or 



Online Registration:


For Registration and Payment details, click the link below




For International Participant Registration and Payment details,click the link below




The participant will also get


·        Resource Material (soft copy through email)

·        Certificate of Participation (through courier)

·        Software and workshop recordings (through courier)


Al Riqqa Road Deira


Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)