Dreams and surrealism student conference

Organization: University of Gdansk– Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies

Venue: University of Gdansk

Location: Gdansk, Poland

Event Date/Time: Sep 21, 2013 End Date/Time: Sep 21, 2013
Abstract Submission Date: May 30, 2013
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Dreams and surrealism student conference, a supplement to Dreams, Phantasms and Memories Interdisciplinary Conference organized by University of Gdańsk – Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies; was prepared by Ph.D students from the University of Gdansk, under the supervision of. prof. dr hab. Wojciech Owczarski.    The conference aims to explore mutual relations between dreams and surrealism and their manifestation in literature, art and film studies. We would like to invite to send proposals of presentations dicsussing various relations between surrealism and dreams in the following suggested areas of interest (original ideas are most welcome):    I. Philosophy, psychology - The origins of surrealism - Surrealism and symbolism - Dreams as an inspiration for surrealists (dream visions, nightmares) - Surrealism and psychoanalysis (references to S. Freud, C.G. Jung) - Surrealism and philosophy (G.W. Hegel, W. Bergson) - Surrealism and the unconscious   II. Literature, Literary theories - Surrealist Manifestos (Andre Breton) and their significance - Surrealism in poetry and literature (Soupault, Aragon, Eluard)     III. Film and visual arts - Surrealism in art and its development - Main representatives of surrealism (S. Dali, M. Ernst, M. Duchamp, F. Picabia, etc.) - Surrealism in film (L. Bunuel, D. Lynch, M. Deren, A. Jodorowsky, W.J. Has, etc.) - Surrealist dream visions   IV. Comparative studies - Surrealism and Magical Realism - Surrealism and Dadaism  

All undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate. The panel will be held in English. Please send your abstracts (no longer than 300 words) with short biographical notes in electronic form to no later than 30 May 2013. The notification of acceptance will be sent by the 15 June 2013. Selected papers will be published in a post-conference volume.  

Organizers: Ph.D. Students, under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Wojciech Owczarski and the Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies, University of Gdansk.     Wanda Dittrich, M.A. Maja Dziedzic, M.A  Mariusz Hybiak, M.A. Mariusz Wirski, M.A.

Magdalena Zegarlińska, M.A.


Ul. Wita Stwosza 55


University of Gdansk– Research Unit for Dream, Memory and Imagination Studies