Engagement Australia Conference

Organization: Engagement Australia

Venue: ACU

Location: Fitzroy, VIC, Australia

Event Date/Time: Jul 15, 2013 End Date/Time: Jul 17, 2013
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Creating an Engagement Culture in Universities

This theme explores the ways in which universities have embraced the challenge to embed, support and sustain engagement. From student involvement, developing effective participatory processes and procedures, communicating the value and purpose of engagement to leading the integration of community engagement into all facets of academic practice. Proposals that address this theme may showcase change strategies, explore the effectiveness of various policies or programs, and critically assess the specific barriers and drivers for universities seeking to become ‘engaged’.

Co-producing Knowledge

This theme highlights the critical role that collaborative approaches to research and learning play in creating knowledge relevant to the creation of societies in the 21st century. This paradigm challenges the nature of the university as ‘expert‘ and emphasises  the co-production of knowledge, where the community are involved partners in the knowledge creation process. Proposals that address this theme may showcase community engaged research practices, critically reflect on partnership processes underpinning research or learning processes, explore the societal implications of new forms and modes of knowledge production.

Creating and Evaluating Social Impact

This theme explores the necessity and difficulty associated with creating social impact through university-community engagement. There is an increasing emphasis being placed on the importance of university activity to create wellbeing for families and individuals through relevant research and education. This process highlights the role for universities as catalysts for community capacity and in turn, raises challenges for universities to demonstrate the impact of their research. Proposals that address this theme may consider the contested nature of social impact, how that impact can be planned for, measured and evaluated.


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