Event Date/Time: May 29, 2013 End Date/Time: May 30, 2013
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As we move into 2013 the Fighter market, which was worth an estimated $34.37 billion, will only continue to increase. Fighter Nordic 2013 will bring together Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway and act as a platform where the future capabilities of the Nordic Fighter Fleets are discussed.

With the opening of the Northwest Passage and the increased involvement of global nations across the Arctic region, Fighter Nordic will address the operational flexibility of next generation fighter platforms as the Nordic nations seek to uphold their presence in the Far North.

Each Nordic Air Force will be actively investing in the Fighter market to ensure that their next generation platforms are equipped to meet their current requirements:

  • Norway  will be investing an estimated $10.8 billion in the JSF Programme over the next ten years.
  • Sweden will be developing the next generation Gripen (a fifth generation platform) over the next decade, which will cost around $10 Billion.
  • Denmark has invested over $110 million as a partner in the JSF Programme but their decision to pursue this investment is currently pending.
  • Finland is looking to invest $1.6 billion in a Mid Life Upgrade for their F-18 Hornet Fleet which will be completed by 2016. 

This is the only conference that will bring together the Nordic Air Forces in a forum where the future role of fighter fleets will be addressed.



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