Global Shifts 2012: Social Enterprise

Organization: RMIT University

Venue: RMIT Business Building 80

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Event Date/Time: Dec 12, 2012 / 8:30 am - (GMT +10:00 hours) End Date/Time: Dec 14, 2012 / 5:30 pm - (GMT +10:00 hours)
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 Global Shifts 2012 is bringing together change-makers, entrepreneurs and high-profile leaders from Australia and abroad to discuss, debate and demonstrate ways in which pushing the boundaries of existing business models can contribute to positive social change.

The conference is three day extravaganza of: 9 workshops; 17 panel sessions; 1 great debate and 1 real-live (Social) Dragon’s Den. 5 keynote sessions. 70+ speakers from Cambodia, India, United States, Bhutan, Vietnam, Africa, Palestine, Israel, the UK and Europe; as well as from all over Australia – from cities and from the outback. From philanthropic not-for-profits to big businesses making big changes… from Peace, employment, government, big business, non profit, entrepreneurship, leadership, sustainability, food, poverty, traditional knowledge and impact investing.

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to make a difference… If you want to find out more about how social enterprises function and what models really work… If you want to be inspired; learn; debate; discuss; argue; and be amazed… Then this is the conference for you: 3 days in Melbourne, 12-14 December…might just change your life.


445 Swanston St


RMIT University

Additional Information

 Conference Program Overview

Opening Keynote- Bunker Roy (Barefoot College) and Pamela Hartigan (Skoll Centre, Oxford)
Keynote 2 - Global Shifts, Social Enterprises Around the World: A Snapshot
Keynote 3 - In The Face of Conflict: Social Enterprise In The Time of War and Civil Dissent
Keynote 4 -The Big Deals: When Size Matters
Keynote 5 - A Vision For The Future - Alternative Paradigms: The Future of Society; Business and Humanity


Stream: Knowledge & Wisdom
Workshop 1.1 - Social Media: how it can be used to help scale impact
Workshop 2.1 - Social Innovation Master Class - workshop 2.1
Session 1.1 - Measuring Impact
Session 2.1 - Making Change: if it’s so good why aren’t more people doing it?
Session 3.1 - Can governments lead social change?
session 5.1 - State of Australia: Intermediaries
session 6.1 - Traditional Knowledge to Social Enterprise: old ways for new change?
Session 7.1 - Can big business save the world?

Stream: Skills & Solutions
Workshop 1.2 - Company Impact Assessment
Workshop 2.2 - Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Session 1.2 - Intrapreneurs: working on the inside
Session 2.2 - The Green Revolution
Session 5.2 - Young Superstars
Session 6.2 - Market Solutions for funding non-profits

Stream: Action
workshop 1.3 - Business Model: developing your Social Enterprise Idea
Workshop 2.3 - Structuring a Social Enterprise: what are the options?
Session 3.2 - Social Dragon’s Den: real projects pitch to real investors
Session 1.3 - Paddock to Plate: we are what we eat
Session 2.3 - Social Procurement: the power of the dollar
Session 5.3 - Bottom of the pyramid (BoP)
Session 6.3 - Impact Investing - session 6.3
Session 7.2 - Leadership and People: how to create a movement

Stream: Resources
Workshop 1.4 - B Corporations: overview on the certification process
Workshop 2.4 - Happiness is…. The next revolution for Social Enterprise?
Session 1.4 - Scaling up - Franchising, acquisitions and growth
Session 2.4 - Collaborations are better problem solvers: learn how
Session 5.4 - It’s the economy stupid
Session 6.4 - Structuring success: alternative models

Stream: Walking Tours
Tour 1 - Street Art Culture: Social Enterprise
Tour 2 - Melbourne’s Aboriginal Culture