HealthTech Council Meeting

Organization: HealthTech Council

Venue: Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa & Marina

Location: Cambridge, Maryland, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 21, 2012 / 11:00 am - (EST) End Date/Time: Oct 23, 2012 / 2:00 pm - (EST)
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Health IT Innovation & Executive Collaboration for Chief Medical Information Officers (CMIO'S)
The Annual HealthTech Council Meeting brings together Health IT executives to discuss strategies, best practices and technologies critical to their success. With no trade-show floor and a focus on true peer-to-peer collaboration and networking, executives experience a highly interactive environment where they are not only absorbing knowledge but actively involved in creating strategies which can be taken back to their respective organizations and immediately implemented.

Transforming the Healthcare Industry through IT:  Looking Beyond EHR
HealthTech’s mission is to provide executive level collaboration and information sharing on the most important IT issues facing healthcare organizations including:

•Use of new technologies like Cloud, Mobility, and EHR to improve patient care and reduce cost
•Security and Privacy of patient health and financial data
•Compliance with mandates including HITECH, HIPPA, PCI Sarbanes -Oxley
•Federal Legislation on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Meaningful Use, and Information Exchanges

HealthTech Council
At the core of HealthTech is the HealthTech Council, an elite group of Health IT leaders from health care provider groups, industry, academia and government who believe in the importance of executive-level collaboration and support HealthTech’s mission and goals. HealthTech Council members share their expertise, insights, knowledge and lessons learned through participation in research interviews as well as speaking at various HealthTech Council Meetings and other events.  
*Full list of HealthTech Council Members may be found at our website.

The HealthTech Council Meeting will provide executive collaboration on the following critical issues:
•Using the Cloud to improve efficiency and patient care
•Security and Privacy of patient information: Breaches, Malware, & Access Monitoring
•How Mobility is changing Healthcare
•Enabling Information Exchange & Knowledge Sharing
•Understanding Accountable Care Organizations
•Big Data and Informatics
•Telemedicine’s role in Health IT
•Using EHR to Drive Value and Decision Making
•Achieving Compliance on HITECH, HIPPA, PCI Sarbanes -Oxley
•Information/Data Sharing
•Cloud Computing
•Data Integrity & Security
•Access Management
•Big Data / Informatics
The application of Information Technology to the healthcare industry has the potential to completely transform healthcare by exponentially improving the quality of care that patients receive while creating sustainable, long-term efficiencies that will save billions of dollars. To meet this challenging-yet-attainable goal, it is imperative for executive Health IT stakeholders to engage in visionary, forward looking dialogue in order to
    •    (a) understand and anticipate the needs of clinicians, patients and business users,
    •    (b) discuss how IT can meet these needs and
    •    (c) develop a common vision and strategic direction for the future of healthcare.

The HealthTech Council Meeting brings together Health IT executives for peer-to-peer collaboration, information exchange, and networking focused on the most important, high-impact issues for true transformation of the healthcare community. Through interactive sessions, boardroom meetings, think tanks and case studies, executive attendees will share knowledge and strategies on how technologies, processes and policies must be modernized to usher in a new era of healthcare.
HealthTech is creating a common vision for the future of healthcare.

As a research-based organization, the content and curriculum of all HealthTech activities is derived from real-time research conducted with Health IT professionals from health care providers, industry, academia and the government. This approach ensures that HealthTech continually stays on the forefront of mandates, requirements, technologies and the business needs that are most important to the Health IT Community. Research findings are shared at the annual HealthTech HealthIT Council Meeting, smaller nationwide HealthTech events held throughout the year, and in various HealthTech publications including blogs and research briefs.
HealthTech is a sister organization to the well known and widely respected Government Technology Research Alliance (GTRA), a 10,000+ member organization serving the government IT community by providing executive-level opportunities for collaboration and the exchange of best practices and lessons learned in areas such as information sharing, enterprise architecture, cyber security and infrastructure modernization. Through it’s close relationship with executives at the White House, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, GTRA leadership quickly identified a need for targeted, focused dialogue to support the needs of the Health IT community. Using their experience and proven track in bringing together world-class thought leaders, GTRA executives launched the HealthTech community in 2011, with the mission of providing high impact forums for executive level collaboration and information exchange on technology issues facing the Health Care community.

Executives from Healthcare Provider institutions, Hospitals, Health Information Exchanges, Health IT Technology Providers, Regional Extension Centers, State/Federal Governments, Health Care Plans, and other Healthcare and Wellness Provider organizations, including:
    •    Chief Medical Information Officers (CMIOs, CMOs)
    •    Chief Nursing Information Officers
    •    Chiefs/Directors/VPs of Health IT
    •    Chiefs/Directors/VPs of Telemedicine & Mobile Health
    •    Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
    •    Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
    •    Chief Information Security Officer (CISOs)
    •    Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs)
    •    Directors/Vice Presidents of Business Development
    •    Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
    •    Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) Officers
Sponsorship Contact:
Kelly Yocum
415.596.5000 (m) | 786.216.7405 (o) 

Kerri Tompkins
202.660.2448 (m) | 312.253.4100 (o)

Healthcare Attendees & Council Contact:
Parham Eftekhari
773.517.8534 (m) | 773.857.2124 (o) 

Jadyn Tichy
202.360.5470 (m) | 312.253.4100 (o)



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