Healthy Ageing in the Changing World 2013

Organization: Biogenesis Health Cluster

Venue: J.N.Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Sciences

Location: Bengalurur, Karnataka, India

Event Date/Time: Sep 30, 2013 / 9:00 am - (GMT +5:30 hours) End Date/Time: Oct 01, 2013 / 7:00 pm - (GMT +5:30 hours)
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We cordially invite you to the “2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEALTHY AGEING IN THE CHANGING WORLD” to be held from September 30, 2013  - October 01, 2013 at JN TATA Auditorium, Indian Institute of sciences, Bangalore. The conference will be jointly organized by Biogenesis, a Euro-Indian Health Cluster, Federation of Asian Biotech Association (FABA) and OMICS Group, USA.

The 1st International Conference of Gerontology on “Healthy ageing in the Changing World” was conducted in 2012 at Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru on September 29, 2012 with a resounding success. The overwhelming response that we had received last year made us bring new areas of discussion on the subject so that we can enrich our knowledge and keep pace with changing healthcare domain for elderly.

Ageing population is a global phenomenon that is both inevitable and predictable. It will change society at many levels and in complex ways, posing many challenges. Older people already make a significant contribution to society, whether it is through the formal workforce or informal work, volunteered with in the family. We can foster this contribution by helping them maintain good health and by breaking down the many barriers that prevent their ongoing participation in society. Many older people will face health problems and challenges to remain independent. We need to address this in a way sustainable and affordable to families and societies. This can be only achieved through government policy, which eventually brings in a balance between the state and the family. This is very important in country like India where close family ties and filial piety are strongly valued and observed.

The main objective of this 2nd conference is to create a space for dialogue, exchange and disseminate knowledge and expertise related to geriatrics and gerontology to develop wellness among medical, social and psychological aspects of seniors. The specific objectives of the “2nd International Conference on Healthy Ageing in the Changing World 2013” revolve around the areas like new knowledge and recent developments in Geriatrics and Gerontology;  new modes of care and gerontology technologies;  reviewing the diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives in Geriatrics;  Expose challenges (health, social, economic, etc.) posed by aging populations and responses likely  to be made and Compare-demographic and public policy of aging to facilitate linkages and cooperation among experts  in geriatrics and    gerontology to -Encourage and emphasize the role of associations in the care of dependent elderly people in the country.

Through this year’s conference we also seek to situate the discussion of the opportunities and challenges of an ageing population within the state-family nexus. The conference shall inquire into the role, responsibilities and contributions of the state and the family in providing a supportive environment for and increasing the wellbeing, usefulness, and participation of the elderly. The theme is especially relevant for a nation like India where close family ties and filial piety are strongly valued and observed. So we believe that a robust debate on the family-state nexus in addressing coming needs of ageing citizens will provide government organizations with opportunities for policy advice and an ongoing conversation, with important social, cultural, economic and political sustainability implications.

So we invite all the professionals, government and Non-government organizations who are involved in Elderly population in all walks of life. 



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