In Silico Drug Discovery Conference (In Silico Drug Discovery)

Organization: North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Venue: Hamner Conference Center

Location: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, United States

Event Date/Time: Dec 03, 2014 / 4:00 pm - (EST) End Date/Time: Dec 04, 2014 / 5:30 pm - (EST)
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The In Silico Drug Discovery Conference combines the best of cutting-edge industry approaches with recent academic research for in silico drug discovery. Expert speakers, panelists, researchers, and product vendors will present state-of-the-art computer-aided drug design methods and case studies in a variety of formats. The conference is being hosted by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in the Hamner Conference Center. It is appropriate for researchers, students, drug developers, tool vendors, business development professionals and biotechnology managers. An open exchange of information will be promoted. Topics include: - Computer-aided drug design (CADD) - Structural biology - Virtual screening methods - Systems biology considerations and target validation - QM/MM, molecular dynamics and free energy methods - Computational approaches for fragment based drug discovery - Automatic scaffold design and scaffold hopping - ADME/Tox prediction by computer - Filtering for druggable properties - Collaborative drug discovery and secure information sharing - Intellectual property issues arising from in silico discovery


15 TW Alexander Drive
North Carolina
United States


North Carolina Biotechnology Center
15 TW Alexander Drive
North Carolina
United States

Conference Speakers

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Harold Garner from Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Dr. Shahar Keinan from Cloud Pharmaceuticals, and Dr. Frank Brown from Merck & CO.

Exhibits included

The In Silico Drug Discovery Conference will bring together experts from industry and academia to discuss:

  • Applications of in silico drug discovery, computational chemistry, and computer aided drug discovery (CADD)
  • Systems biology as applied to drug discovery, molecular modeling, simulation, and virtual screening
  • Emerging methods in silico drug discovery, especially QM/MM technology
  • Academic partnering and industry applications
  • Applied research and success stories