International Conference on Science and Practice of Strength Sports (SPSS2014)

Organization: St. Mary's University College, Twickenham

Venue: St. Mary's University College, Twickenham

Location: Twickenham, Greater London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jun 19, 2014 End Date/Time: Jun 22, 2014
Early Registration Date: May 07, 2014
Paper Submission Date: Mar 07, 2014
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Are you interested in Strength? Are you:   - a sports scientist from a University or other research institution working in advanced topics related to strength? - a coach or athlete (professional or amateur) involved in strength sports or practical strength applications within other sports? - an industry practitioner or scientist developing products (equipment, supplements, technology) related to strength?   We would like to invite you to participate in the SPSS 2014 conference (Science and Practice of Strength Sports), taking place at St. Mary's University College, Twickenham, London, UK, June 19-22 2014.   Please read below for details on the event and what you can expect to find at SPSS 2014. We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.   ------------------------------------------------------ 1) WHAT IS SPSS? ------------------------------------------------------   1.a) WHEN AND WHERE? -------------------- This is a 4-day event happening at St. Mary's University College (SMUC), Twickenham, London, June 19-22 2014 The organization is a joint effort between the UK and Portugal, with Prof. Jon Goodwin heading the local team.   1.b) WHAT EXACTLY? ------------------ SPSS features a "pure" strength science track dedicated to advanced research topics, as well as 5 application tracks for each one of the featured strength sports:   TRACK 1: Strength Sports Science TRACK 2: Weightlifting TRACK 3: Powerlifting TRACK 4: Strongman TRACK 5: Crossfit TRACK 6: Bodybuilding    Please check the detailed track structure at the end of this document. One of SPSS's main goals is for the theoretical and practical tracks to communicate and to merge as much as possible. As such, joint efforts between research institutions and strength sports industry players are especially encouraged.    1.c) WHY? --------- - To combine theoretical strength science aspects with practical, "in-the-trenches" experience from coaches and athletes in a formal, serious, scientific structure. In other words, to bring together both sides of the strength community.   - To register the practical experience from coaches, athletes, and industry players developing all kinds of products (from strength equipment like barbells to nutritional supplements) in a formal way (e.g. practitioner report paper) and make it accessible to the general strength community.    - To fill the need for a public, freely available, high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific body of knowledge for strength sports. The proceedings of SPSS (a research report book and a practitioner report book) will be made available on-line and for free. These proceedings will be published under an ISBN number.   - To spotlight ground-breaking work by athletes and coaches working at the forefront of strength sports. Research scientists, as well as general consumers, not to mention fellow athletes and coaches, can only benefit from attending dedicated, practical satellite events built on top of the regular conference tracks. SPSS will feature workshops and seminars by well-known athletes and coaches on very specific topics.   - To bring strength sports industry-related work to research scientists and vice-versa through various networking actions. There will be an expo component where selected brands, equipment manufacturers and institutions will be invited to display their products. Research supporting these products will be invited under the form of practitioner reports.   - To give special attention to the ever-increasing use of computer tools in strength sports analysis.   1.d) SATELLITE EVENTS: WORKSHOPS, DEMOS, SEMINARS ------------------------------------------------- SPSS will feature several seminars, demos, and workshops for most or all tracks. Details are coming soon.   1.e) KEYNOTE LECTURES AND ROUND TABLES -------------------------------------- SPSS will feature keynote lectures, about 1 per track, given by well-known specialists. These are 1-hour sessions with Q&A from the audience, and available to all participants. The keynote speakers will also attend the discussion panels/round tables where, together with the program chairs, they will engage in discussion of hot topics and answer questions from the audience. The list of keynote speakers will be available soon.   1.f) THE EXPO ------------- There will be an expo where selected brands, equipment manufacturers and institutions will be invited to display their products/technologies/work.    1.g) SOCIAL EVENTS ------------------ SPSS will feature 2 major social events: the Conference Dinner on June 21, and the National Party on June 20. Networking is crucial to the progress of any kind of field, and we keep that in mind.     ------------------------------------------------------ 2) SUBMITTING A PAPER ------------------------------------------------------ The paper submission deadline is strict: March 7 2014 (GMT time zone). You can submit papers of two types: scientific research papers (RPs) and practitioner reports (PRs):  Scientific research papers (RPs) focus on advanced strength science research topics (biomechanics, physiology, biochemistry, computer tools, training theory, etc...) mainly on the scientific research track. This is the kind of work being done at highly specialized research institutions like Universities and laboratories. Practitioner reports (PRs) focus on the practical experience from strength sports coaches, athletes and industry, mainly on topics within one or more of the 5 practical tracks. This is the kind of practical work being done by strength athletes and coaches all over the world (planning and methodology, applied nutrition protocols, exercise technique, strength sports sociology and psychology, etc...), as well as industry players developing all kinds of products (from strength equipment like barbells and dumbbells to nutritional supplements).   RPs and PRs can be submitted in one of two versions - extended abstracts (EAs) or full papers (FPs): Extended abstracts have a maximum of 4 pages, are not published in any of the Proceedings Books (hence no ISBN), and have a 15-minute presentation slot at the conference. Full Papers have a minimum of 8 pages and a maximum of 16 pages, are published in one of the Proceedings Books (RP Full Papers go into one book, PR Full Papers go into another) with an ISBN, and have a 25-minute presentation slot at the conference. RPs and PRs have the same submission and registration deadlines. On the other hand, they have different focus and, as such, are reviewed by different committees and subject to different evaluation criteria.   All accepted papers, both full papers and extended abstracts, must be presented in a standard (25 minutes for full papers, 15 minutes for extended abstracts) oral session. There is no official poster session. However, everybody is invited to bring a poster and have it on display for the whole day in which the paper is presented or, if logistics allows, for the duration of the conference.   All submissions must be sent by e-mail together with the Submission Form. We accept .doc/.docx/.pdf formats, preferring PDFs.     ------------------------------------------------------ 3) PUBLICATIONS AND INDEXATION ------------------------------------------------------   Extended abstracts (4 pages maximum) will not be included in the Proceedings Books. All approved extended abstracts will be featured in the Conference Book of Abstracts (which will also include the Full Papers' abstracts). Full papers (minimum 8 pages, maximum 16) will be published in one of the Proceedings Books. There are two different proceedings books: one for research reports, and another for practitioner reports. The Conference Book of Abstracts will be made available on-line, for free. The Conference Proceedings Books will be made available on-line, for free, on an open-access basis. Both books will be published with an ISBN number. The research reports book will be submitted to several well-known scientific indices (details on which coming soon).   We are contacting a few select, well-known journals concerning publication agreements for the best papers of the conference. The names will be featured on the website as the agreements come up. If you collaborate with a Journal in the areas of SPSS and are interested in working with us, we will surely like to hear from you.   ------------------------------------------------------ 4) ORGANIZING COMMITTEE ------------------------------------------------------   GENERAL CONFERENCE CHAIR Jon Goodwin, St. Mary's University College, U.K.   TRACK CHAIRS Duncan French, Northumbria University, U.K. (Strength Sports Science) Daniel Cleather, St. Mary's University College, U.K. (Weightlifting) Alexander Kirketeig, Norwegian Powerlifting Federation, Norway (Powerlifting) Dietmar Wolf, Norwegian Powerlifting Federation, Norway (Powerlifting) Adam Spence, St. Mary's University College, U.K. (Strongman) Richard Blagrove, St. Mary's University College, U.K. (Crossfit)  



St. Mary's University College, Twickenham