Organization: STC Pollachi

Venue: Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College

Location: Pollachi, Tamil nadu, India

Event Date/Time: Mar 27, 2013 / 9:30 am - (GMT +5:30 hours) End Date/Time: Mar 28, 2013 / 4:45 pm - (GMT +5:30 hours)
Registration Date: Mar 27, 2013 Time: 10:00:00(GMT +5:30 hours)
Early Registration Date: Mar 18, 2013 Time: 23:59:00(GMT +5:30 hours)
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 08, 2013 Time: 23:59:00(GMT +5:30 hours)
Paper Submission Date: Mar 18, 2013 Time: 23:59:00(GMT +5:30 hours)
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Empowering Rural Families, Women and Girl children for Sustainable Development. First it focuses on Rural Families, secondly on Women Empowerment and finally on Development of Girl Children. The conference also will take serious efforts to make aware as well inspire women, stimulate scholars and younger generation on the various abilities of women and girl children to empower them for a change


  1. Gender Equality: Women are severely disadvantaged in terms of basic needs, livelihood options, access to knowledge, and political voice. Without gender equality, the goals of development will be difficult to achieve.
  2. Women Literacy: The need for women literacy arises as a demanding need of the country. Literacy problem indirectly leads to the mismanagement of economical resources.
  3. Women Entrepreneurship: Rural women work as daily workers rather than learn a technical skill and start their own business for living. Creating rural women entrepreneurship will result in sustainable happy living with the feeling of comfort and secure in the minds of women.
  4. Physical and Mental Health Hazards and Adolescent Development: India accounts for nearly 25% of the world's maternal deaths. Chronic depression and neurosis is quite wide spread in rural India. Adolescent girls are at high risk of anemia and mental and behavioural disorder.
  5. Family Wellbeing and Parenting: Increasing number of broken families lead to pathetic parenting styles. Poor parenting or non-parenting in the families is reflected in increased number of school dropouts, anti-social activities and irresponsible living among adolescents and youth. 
  6. Violence, Crimes and Discrimination of Women: Women are victims of violence, sexual abuse at homes, workplaces and also in public places. Adolescent girls are a highly vulnerable group as they are subject to a number of atrocities like trafficking, rape and child marriage.
  7. Gender and the Law: Although women are protected by various legislations in India the efficacy of these laws are not satisfactory due to lack of awareness, support groups and poor implementation.


Palani Road
Tamil nadu


STC Pollachi
Palani Road
Tamil Nadu

Conference Speakers

Dr Jeffrey Po

Ato Bekele Workie

Mr. Willington Jebaraj

Mr. M. Settu

Exhibits included

Abstracts of research papers, case studies, project reports and autoethnography from any one of the themes shall be submitted.

  • Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of 3 experienced professors before notification of acceptance.
  • Abstracts of 250 to 300 words should be mailed as an electronic copy which will be accepted for consideration till March 8, 2013. Those who submit should receive a conformation reply email within 24 hours to make sure their abstracts have reached our database. Acceptance will be mailed back 2 days from the date of submission.
  • Accepted papers will be given 15 minutes for presentation. Presentation should be compulsorily in PowerPoint.
  • Modified final abstracts and full papers should be submitted before 18th of March for publication.
  • Only the registered participants who submit the full papers will be allowed to present in the forum
  • Selected papers that are submitted in time will be included in the planned book.

Photo Exhibition: There will be a photo exhibition depicting various life situations of rural women empowerment will be organized on the conference dates. Those who would like to participate in the photo exhibition may contact the concerned person for details. Certificate will be issued to the registered participants of accepted photos.