Korea International Gastric Cancer Week 2014 (KINGCA Week 2014)

Organization: The Korean Gastric Cancer Association

Venue: Daejeon Convention Center(DCC)

Location: Daejeon, Yuseong-gu, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Event Date/Time: May 15, 2014 End Date/Time: May 17, 2014
Early Registration Date: Feb 28, 2014
Abstract Submission Date: Feb 15, 2014
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 Focused on the theme of "Together, we make the difference!", the congress will be held from 15th of May to the 17th in 2014 at Daejeon Convention Center in Daejeon, Korea. The KINGCA Week 2014 intends to provide valuable interactions to share our knowledge and expertise in the treatment of gastric cancer. Video-oriented presentations on new techniques and in-depth treatment insights by distinguished speakers from Japan, China, Singapore, USA and Korea will prove our week to be more fruitful. Moreover, the Korean Gastric Cancer Association will host Pre & Post Congress Site Visiting Programs at the most highly qualified institutions in Korea for the participants of the KINGCA Week 2014 during the entire month of May, 2014. As Korea traditionally has the highest rate of stomach cancer in the world, there are numerous high volume centers, which will be an ideal environment to experience a large number of clinical cases during a short period of stay.  


4-19, Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu,


The Korean Gastric Cancer Association

Additional Information

Day1 May 15th, 2014 (Thu)             10:20~10:30 Opening Remarks   201 (2F) 10:30~12:00 Symposium 1 (Principles of Gastrectomy)      201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Individualized extent of LN dissection for gastric cancer   Hoon Hur  Ajou Univ.   Comparisons of reconstruction method after distal gastrectomy   Jimmy B.Y So   National Univ. of Singapore       Surgical strategy for upper third gastric cancer     Hyung-Ho Kim Seoul National Univ.   Evaluation and management of GEJ cancer  Jiafu Ji   Beijing Univ.    10:30~12:00 Symposium 2 (Nutritional Issues in Gastric Cancer Surgery)    301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)         Nutritional risk assessment for gastric cancer surgery   Kyung Won Seo  Kosin Univ.   ERAS for gastric cancer surgery     Oh Jeong  Chonnam National Univ.   Perioperative nutritional support for gastric cancer patients   Hyuk-Joon Lee Seoul National Univ.   Management of postoperative anemia after gastric cancer surgery    Hong Man Yoon  National Cancer Center 10:30~12:00 Oral Presentation 1   107~108 (1F) Moderator(s)               12:00~12:30 Plenary lecture   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Adjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer  Yung-Jue Bang  Seoul National Univ.         12:30~13:30 Luncheon Symposium     Moderator(s)               13:30~15:00 KLASS Symposium 1 (Laparoscopic Surgery for AGC)   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Laparoscopic distal gastrectomy with D2 dissection Seung-Wan Ryu Keimyung Univ.   Laparoscopic total gastrectomy with D2 dissection Woo Jin Hyung Yonsei Univ.   Laparoscopic gastrectomy for T4b  Guoxin Li  Southern Medical Univ.   Laparoscopic gastrectomy after chemotherapy  Ichiro Uyama  Fujita Health Univ.  13:30~15:00  Educational Session 1   301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)         Endoscopic findings and differential diagnosis of gastric cancer Wan Sik Lee Chonnam National Univ.   Radiologic findings and differential diagnosis of gastric cancer Young Hoon Kim Seoul National Univ.   Role of nuclear medicine in gastric cancer Tae Joo Jeon Yonsei Univ.   Histopathologic findings and classification of gastric cancer Univ. of Ulsan 13:30~15:00  Educational Session for Nurses 1 (In Korean)   107~108 (1F) Moderator(s)         Diagnosis and treatment planning for gastric cancer  Yeong Joon Lee  Gyeongsang National Univ.   Perioperative risk evaluation and management of high risk patients  Taeil Son  Eulji Univ.   Understanding of gastric cancer surgery Seong-Heum Park  Korea Univ.   Diet after gastrectomy Sung Geun Kim The Catholic Univ. 15:00~15:20 Coffee Break     15:20~16:50 Symposium 3 (Robotic Surgery)   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         How to establish a robotic surgery program  Masanori Terashima  Shizuoka Cancer Center      Complications related to robotic gastrectomy  Min Chan Kim  Dong-A Univ.   Application of new robotic technology for gastrectomy Hyoung-Il Kim Yonsei Univ.   Current status of robotic gastrectomy  Keun Won Ryu  National Cancer Center 15:20~16:50 Educational Session 2   301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)         Endoscopic resection of gastric cancer Seong Woo Jeon Kyungpook National Univ.   Operative treatment of gastric cancer         A. Modified gastrectomy  Seong-Ho Kong  Seoul National Univ.       B. Minimaly invasive surgery  Sang-Il Lee  Chungnam National Univ.   Actual practice of chemotherapy in gastric cancer Sung Yong Oh Dong-A Univ. 15:20~16:50 Educational Session for Nurses 2  (In Korean)   107~108 (1F) Moderator(s)         Care for patients during chemotherapy Sang Chul Oh  Korea Univ.  Korea Univ.   Follow up after therapy in gastric cancer patients  Ji Yeong An  Yonsei Univ.   Prevention and management of late complication and postgastrectomy syndrome  Ki-Han Kim  Dong-A Univ.   Hospice care  Youn Seon Choi  Korea Univ. 18:00~ Welcome Reception     Day2 May 16th, 2014 (Fri)             08:30 ~ 10:00 Symposium  4 (ESD)   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Treatment outcomes of high grade dysphasia in Korea  Jie-Hyun Kim  Yonsei Univ.   Pathologic interpretation of difficult ESD specimen  Dong-Wook Kang  Eulji Univ.   Differences between pre and post-ESD diagnosis Jun Haeng Lee Sungkyunkwan Univ.   Recent issues of ESD in Korea Hwoon-Yong Jung  Univ. of Ulsan    08:30 ~ 10:00 Video Presentation 1   301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)               08:30 ~ 10:00 Oral Presentation 2   107~108 (1F) Moderator(s)               10:00~10:20 Coffee Break     10:20 ~ 11:50 Symposium 5 (GIST)   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Neoadjuvant imatinib for non-metastatic GISTs: Indication and Results  Seock-Ah Im  Seoul National Univ.   Role of PET-CT for GISTs: Preoperative Risk Evaluation and During Chemotherapy  Ilhan Lim Korea Cancer Center Hosp.   Laparoscopic resection strategy for GISTs Jong Won Kim Yonsei Univ.   Highlight video cases for UGI GISTs  Seong Yeob Ryu  Chonnam National Univ. 10:20 ~ 11:50 KLASS Symposium 2 (Laparoscopic Reconstruction)   301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)         Reconstruction after distal gastrectomy         Intracorporeal B I (Delta)  Oh Kyoung Kwon  Kyungpook National Univ.     Intracorporeal B II Jun Ho Lee Sungkyunkwan Univ.     Intracorporeal Roux-en-Y GJ  Sang-Hoon Ahn  Seoul National Univ.   Reconstruction after total gastrectomy         Using EEA  Gyu-Seok Cho  Soon Chun Hyang Univ.     Using Orvil   Wook Kim  The Catholic Univ.     Using linear stapler Byung Sik Kim Univ. of Ulsan 10:20 ~ 11:50 Oral Presentation 3   107~108 (1F) Moderator(s)               11:50 ~ 12:20 Presidential lecture   201 (2F) Moderator(s)           Doo Hyun Yang Chonbuk National Univ. 12:20~12:40 General Assembly   301 Auditorium (3F)         12:40 ~ 13:30 Luncheon Symposium     Moderator(s)               13:30 ~ 14:30 Poster Presentation             14:30 ~ 16:00 Symposium 6 (Carcinogenesis and Metastasis)   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Metaplasia as Precancerous lesion Do Youn Park Pusan National Univ.   Animal gastric carcinogenesis model  Ki-Taek Nam  Yonsei Univ.   MiRNA-199a-3p: A potential circulating diagnostic biomarker for early gastric cancer  Zheng-Gang Zhu  Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.   Lymphovascular invasion in ESD specimen : Multicenter study Joon Mee Kim Inha Univ. 14:30 ~ 16:00 Video Presentation 2   301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)               14:30 ~ 16:00 Oral Presentation 4   107~108 (1F) Moderator(s)               16:00~16:20 Coffee Break     16:20 ~ 17:50 Symposium 7 (Ongoing Clinical Trial in Gastric Cancer)   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Open versus lapascopic surgery in advanced gastric cancer: KLASS-II trial Sang-Uk Han  Ajou Univ.   Clinical trial for reductive gastrectomy in metastatic gastric cancer: REGATTA trial Han-Kwang Yang  Seoul National Univ.   Clinical Trials for adjuvant treatment in gastric cancer  Se Hoon Park  Sungkyunkwan Univ.   Clinical trial for molecular targeted agents in metastatic gastric cancer  Sook Ryun Park  Univ. of Ulsan   Clinical study of ESD (NECA study)  Sang Gyun Kim  Seoul National Univ. 16:20 ~ 17:50 Video Symposium (D2 Dissection)   301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)         Open         A. Distal subtotal gastrectomy   Jeong Hwan Yook  Univ. of Ulsan     B. Total gastrectomy Seung Ho Choi Yonsei Univ.   Laparoscopic         A. Distal subtotal gastrectomy  Yihong Sun   Fudan Univ.      B. Total gastrectomy Do Joong Park Seoul National Univ.   Robotic         A. Distal subtotal gastrectomy Kyo Young Song The Catholic Univ.     B. Total gastrectomy Young-Woo Kim National Cancer Center 16:20 ~ 17:50 Oral Presentation 5   107~108 (1F) Moderator(s)               18:00~ Presidential Dinner     Day3 May 17th, 2014 (Sat)             08:30 ~ 09:30 Symposium 8 (Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery)   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Set-up & settling down metabolic & bariatric center in Korea  Kyung Yul Hur Soon Chun Hyang Univ.   Surgical options for failed bariatric procedures Keith C. Kim Florida Hospital   Recent results and issues on type II DM between SG and RYGB Sung-Soo Park Korea Univ. 08:30 ~ 09:30 Symposium 9 (Postoperative Complication Management)   301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)         Endoscopic management of leakage after gastrectomy Sang Kil Lee Yonsei Univ.   Postoperative complications following open and laparoscopic gastrectomy Joo-Ho Lee Ewha Womens Univ.   Risk factors and management for complications after total gastrectomy Yong Kyu Park Chonnam National Univ. 09:30 ~ 10:30 Symposium 10 (Antireflux Surgery)   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Korean perspective and nation-wide data Joong-Min Park Chung-Ang Univ.   Surgical management for GERD combined with hiatal hernia Univ. of Virginia  Bruce D. Schirmer Bruce D.Schirmer Univ. of Virginia   GERD and Stomach cancer Jin-Jo Kim The Catholic Univ. 09:30 ~ 10:30 Symposium 11 (Debatable Issues in Gastric Cancer Treatment)   301 Auditorium (3F) Moderator(s)         Expansion of ESD Indication         pros Jae Young Jang Kyung Hee Univ.     cons  Ye Seob Jee  Dankook Univ.    Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy         pros Min Hee Ryu Univ. of Ulsan     cons Bang Wool Eom  National Cancer Center 10:20 ~ 11:50 Oral Presentation 6   107~108 (1F) Moderator(s)               10:30~10:50 Coffee Break     10:50 ~ 11:50 JP Kim Memorial Lecture   201 (2F) Moderator(s)         Lymphatic flow and lymph node metastasis of gastric cancer Takashi Aikou Kagoshima Univ. 11:50 ~ 12:10 Award Ceremony   201 (2F) 12:10 ~ 12:20 Closing Remark   201 (2F)