Manufacturing Integration for New Product Introduction

Event Date/Time: Dec 04, 2012 End Date/Time: Dec 05, 2012
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According to research, 70% of resources spent on new product launches are allocated to products that do not succeed in the marketplace. Successful product launch involves a number of challenging and complex tasks, each critically linked to the one preceding it. All too often, a product launch falls far short of expectations or fails altogether because one or more tasks do not receive the necessary level of attention. Effective cross-functional teamwork is a major contributor to new product success and manufacturing executives view innovation in internal processes linked to the integration of manufacturing with the product pipeline as the key to long term prosperity.

The Manufacturing Integration in New Product Introduction Conference will highlight the next stage in innovation by bringing senior executives in Manufacturing Operations and Product Realization together to uncover leading-edge collaborative processes to carry products to market. Attending will provide insights for shrinking time to market in order to achieve earlier returns and revenues by identifying streamlined, customer-driven manufacturing processes that incorporate comprehensive, cross-functional communications in the ultimate merger between Design and Manufacturing.

Attendees will benefit from a dynamic peer-to-peer presentation format consisting of workshops, interactive panel discussions, and case studies. Each network and interactive session will be followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A affording all in attendance an opportunity to get the answers to questions affecting their business. Moreover, 4+ hours of networking opportunities will supply attendees with benchmarking and best practices sharing amongst their peers.

For more information regarding this conference and to register, please contact Robin Yegelwel at (312) 540-3000 ext. 6483 or