MENA 11th Forex Show - Managed Funds & Investment Opportunities 2013

Organization: Arabcom Group

Venue: Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Event Date/Time: Apr 25, 2013 / 10:00 am - (GMT +4:00 hours) End Date/Time: Apr 26, 2013 / 7:00 pm - (GMT +4:00 hours)
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Returns on currency investing are looking more positive this year and for 2013, as investors wise up and work out how to make money in an environment of global central bank easing and dwindling interest rate differentials.

Investors and traders alike are hoping that the eurozone crisis will no longer dominate the foreign exchange market in the next few months, offering some respite to investors who have been foxed by the so-called “risk on, risk off” effect that has made it hard to buy or sell currencies based on economic fundamentals.

Many investors and traders see the US fiscal cliff, with a range of spending cuts and tax increases scheduled to come into effect in January, as the next big event risk. If that is satisfactorily resolved, the market is hoping that forex will finally be able to return to fundamentals.


Jumeirah Beach Road


Arabcom Group