Metal Expert's European Bulk Ferroalloys Conference

Organization: Business-Forum Ltd.

Venue: Radisson Blu Palais Hotel, Vienna

Location: Vienna, Austria

Event Date/Time: May 27, 2013
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Introductory Session. Outlook of the ferroalloys industry by the leading analysts

  • European economy in 2014-2015: Finding the way for stability in steel industry against the hostile financial environment
  • 2014-2015 prospects of ferroalloys market structure in terms of and M&A processes
  • Supply/demand: in search of alternate markets of distribution
  • Setting the price trend and the main ferroalloys market tendencies for 2014-2015
  • Cost and pricing in the global manganese ore market; strategies of the key global raw materials’ suppliers in 2013-2020 Session 1. Regional spotlight on European Mn alloys market Northern Region  
  • Outlook for steel production in 2014-2015. Consumers review by the top metallurgical companies of the region
  • Major domestic Mn alloys suppliers. Means of strengthening market positions in Europe
  • Prospects of a market share increase by the key Mn alloys importers to the region: India, RSA, South Korea

    Focus section. USA market - Us steel market outlook and overview of ferroalloys consumption in 2013 - Domestic ferroalloys producers strategies - Increasing competition among the importers - The U.S. market, as an alternative outlet for the European ferroalloys suppliers Southern Region

  • Peculiarities of Mn alloys consumption by the leading steel producers of Southern Europe
  • Overcoming a tough competition among the major importers to the region in 2014-2015: - Setting the pace for the market. Indian suppliers’ import strategies - Prospects for South African material in the import share for 2014-2015
  • Domestic Mn alloys suppliers: how to keep the market positions? Eastern Europe  
  • Major 2014-2015 trends in steel industry of Eastern Europe in terms of Mn alloys consumption
  • New opportunities for key importers to the region in long-term period

    Focus section. CIS market - Prospects of CIS domestic market in 2013-2014 - Outlook for ferroalloys import to CIS in 2013-2014

    Focus section. MENA market - Prospects of the steel market in MENA countries: the future of new steel projects - Strategies of key bulk alloys’ importers in the Middle East: CIS, India, Europe - Potential of the increase in domestic ferroalloys production in MENA  

    Panel discussion: Mn alloys market in 2013. The view of producers, traders, consumers Session 2. Prospects of European Si alloys market

  • Impact of electricity cost on the European FeSi market. Threats and solutions - Electricity prices forecast by the major energy suppliers in Europe - Challenges for European FeSi producers in terms of increasing power tariffs
  • European FeSi producers’ strategies. Adjustment of capacity utilization as the method to control supply/demand balance
  • 2013-2014 outlook of the major FeSi importers’ share in the European market structure Session 3. Highlights of the European Cr alloys market  
  • Consolidation of European stainless steel industry. Prospects and challenges
  • Balance of the European market of chrome alloys: is surplus to be in 2013?
  • Prospects for increasing of Cr alloys imports from the South Africa and CIS, its impact on the European market Discussion, questions and comments



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