Mississippi Lime & Chert Drilling & Completions 2013

Organization: American Business Conferences

Venue: The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 29, 2013 / 8:00 am - (CST) End Date/Time: Oct 30, 2013 / 7:00 pm - (CST)
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The first ever Mississippi Lime & Chert Drilling & Completions Summit is now coming to Oklahoma and has been designed specifically to help drilling and completions executives and managers establish an optimal drilling strategy and frac design by bringing together major operators to compare case studies and well results.

In this two day congress over 20 E&P operator speakers will provide case studies highlighting ultimate completion and drilling techniques with an added focus on the geology of the play and how it, in turn, influences completion techniques.

Day 1 of the event will start by hearing results from the last 12 months to analyze what factors contribute to an economic well in the high chert content Mississippi Lime. The day will the delve into presentations on mapping chert, drilling sweet spots, assessing whether production comes from fracture or matrix, completing in chert, how frac fluid influences production, optimal quantities of proppant, the usefulness of acid fracs, optimal cluster spacing and a case study based cost-benefit analysis of open hole vs plug & perf completions.

Day 2 of the event will hear case studies from operators that have reduced drilling time to under 21 days in the play as well as looking at Kansas specific case studies drilling and completions. The day also hosts specific technical sessions on fastest wellbore, chert drilling strategy, horizontal logging, loss circulation, staying in zone and drilling fluids.



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