New HIPAA Rules - Meeting Requirements for New Patient Rights and New Restrictions on Disclosures

Organization: MentorHealth

Venue: Homestead Fremont - Fremont Boulevard South

Location: Fremont, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 21, 2013 / 10:00 am - (PST) End Date/Time: Mar 21, 2013 / 11:30 am - (PST)
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Overview: New changes modifying the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations are going into place to meet the privacy and security mandates within the HITECH Act in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The changes include establishing new rights for individuals as well as changes to the limitations on uses and disclosures. New requirements for patient access to records and requirements to notify individuals in the event of a breach are only two of the many areas affected in the new law, including new requirements for restriction and accounting of disclosures and increased enforcement activity. 

Why should you attend:

  • The HIPAA privacy and security regulations are changing in ways that affect every health care-related entity, from providers to insurers to business associates, and more. The HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations have been modified in regulations previously issued as interim final rules (IFRs) and notices of proposed rule making (NPRMs) by the US Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), and many of these new regulations have been finalized in the new final HIPAA update. There are new rights established for individuals that entities must be prepared to honour, as well as new limits on disclosures that entities must be aware of to be fully compliant.
  • All kinds of covered entities, and now, business associates of covered entities and their subcontractors as well, need to review their HIPAA compliance, policies, and procedures to see if they are prepared to meet the changes in the rules. Any entity whose activities involve the new rights and limitations will need to update their policies and procedures.
  • Areas Covered in the Session:
    • The new regulations will be reviewed and their effects on usual practices will be discussed, as well as what policies need to be changed and how.
    • Learn how the new regulations change the way individuals have access to their records, and how much they can find out about who has accessed their records.
    • Find out about how individuals can now request certain restrictions on disclosures that you must honour.
    • Learn about the new requirements for disclosers of health information to apply "minimum necessary" standards.
    • Find out about how new limitations on marketing and fund-raising may change how entities can reach out to individuals.
    • Who Will Benefit:
      • Compliance Director
      • CEO
      • CFO
      • Privacy Officer
      • Security Officer
      • Information Systems Manager
      • HIPAA Officer
      • Chief Information Officer
      • Health Information Manager
      • Healthcare Counsel/lawyer
      • Office Manager
      Jim Sheldon-Dean is the founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based consulting firm founded in 1982, providing information privacy and security regulatory compliance services to a variety of health care providers, businesses, universities, small and large hospitals, urban and rural mental health and social service agencies, health insurance plans, and health care business associates.  Sheldon-Dean serves on the HIMSS Information Systems Security Workgroup, has co-chaired the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange Privacy and Security Workgroup, serves on the WEDI Breach Notification sub-workgroup, and is a recipient of the WEDI 2011 Award of Merit. He is a frequent speaker regarding HIPAA and information privacy and security compliance issues at seminars and conferences, including speaking engagements at numerous regional and national healthcare association conferences and conventions.   For more info visit the site



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