NGS for Cancer Drug Development

Organization: Hanson Wade

Venue: Hyatt Regency Boston

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 24, 2013 End Date/Time: Sep 26, 2013
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Data-Driven Evidence from Leading Drug Developers You know about the technology. You know people are getting results in the clinic. But no one is sharing… until now. 

NGS for Cancer Drug Development is your comprehensive guide to applying NGS in cancer drug discovery and clinical diagnostic development. Hear first hand from the people who have done it. Plus get unlimited access to the latest clinical data from the genomics experts spearheading the field of cancer research.

Get immediately actionable solutions to help you choose the best technology for the smoothest transition of NGS technology towards the clinic. 

You might need clarity on exactly how NGS can be applied for biomarker discoverypatient stratification or diagnostics. Or maybe an opportunity to network with oncology experts to crack the bioinformatics problems you currently face in data management and analysis. 

Whatever your motivations, NGS for Cancer Drug Development is the only North American meeting this year that can truly deliver the answers. 

  • The FDA outlines the practical utility of RNA-Seq when compared tomicroarray technology for maximum accuracy of gene expression measurement in tumor samples 
  • Merck shows how big pharma are integrating NGS at the earliest stage in clinical trial design and how you can follow suit to serve your specific research aims
  • Cancer Institute of New Jersey shows off gold standard bioinformatics techniques for effective data analysis and interpretation for maximum performance in the clinic 
  • AstraZeneca presents the answers to optimizing biomarker discovery and target validation through streamlined data application and integration techniques  
  • Millennium explores the promise of NGS in cancer drug development for betterpatient selection and treatment decisions in the path towards personalized medicine
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provides case studies for variant and mutation detection from screening of NGS data 
The summit has been designed to give you every opportunity to participate actively across the three days
  • Get the most tailored advice and answers to your specific questions:Interactive workshops will guide you through the genomics landscape and make sure your drug discovery and clinical diagnostic development approach is industry-leading. These workshops will delve deeper into data analysis challenges and advances in translational development
  • Everything you need to know about applying NGS in cancer drug development: Data filled presentations cover the very latest on drug target and biomarker development; patient selection efforts; the regulatory landscape; bioinformatic solutions; technology choice; functional variant discovery; clinical trial design and clinical and diagnostic sequencing applications to make sure your projects, and your role within them, result in success
  • Interact with all your fellow attendees and enter collaborative discussions: Make the very most of the opportunities available through multiple structured networking and discussion sessions  to help drive your research forward.
Who is it for? At NGS for Cancer Drug Development, experience the power of collaboration.  Build relationships with industry peers and future clients by meeting all of the key stakeholders working with NGS in cancer research and drug development. This means it’s for: 
  • Pharma and biotech  looking to better understand how to overcome current barriers in the methodology and application of NGS and clearly establish the translational & clinical potential of NGS in cancer drug development
  • Universities and genome research institutions keen to see how their pioneering research is being translated into cancer drug discovery and looking for collaborations and funding opportunities
  • Technology companies, software providers and diagnostics companieswho can showcase their latest solutions, embrace this unrivalled opportunity to educate the market to their capabilities and make a claim for leadership in the NGS space.


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Hanson Wade