Scrum Master Certification Course with Jeff Sutherland the cofounder of Scrum

Organization: Scrum-Events / HLSC

Venue: Kalkscheune Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Event Date/Time: Jun 13, 2013 / 9:00 am - (GMT +1:00 hours) End Date/Time: Jun 14, 2013 / 5:00 pm - (GMT +1:00 hours)
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The rules of Scrum are easy. Implementing them is hard. If you want to learn both, this is the course for you. Dr. Jeff Sutherland ran the first Scrum team in 1993, and has been the driving force behind it for nearly twenty years. After taking this course, you will not only know everything you need to be a Scrum Master, but you will be energized and empowered to make real change. Dr. Sutherland presents not only the concepts of Scrum and Agile, but, as he invented most of them, he gives you the reasoning, thinking, and research behind them. This course will focus on the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, and the Team in a software development organization. However, the course is useful to everyone in a company that uses Scrum. Jeff coaches Scrum teams in sales, marketing, finance, client services, senior management teams, investment groups, and non-profit organizations as well as software development teams. You will often find a CEO, CFO, or CIO in these classes, as well as others interested in expanding Scrum throughout their companies. Students will get real, hands-on practice on key Scrum concepts, how to build a backlog, how to plan for a release, the daily Scrum meeting, how to estimate a project, tracking progress with a burn down chart, and the key ways to improve your team’s productivity. The exercises drive home the theory of Scrum with real practice. This participatory, interactive two-day course will teach you both the practice and the theory behind Scrum. By the conclusion of the course you will know: - How to be an effective Scrum Master - How to improve teamwork and productivity - How to launch new products faster than you think you possibly can - How to demand, and receive, technical excellence to not only deliver products faster, but with higher quality. Dr. Sutherland and the team at Scrum Inc. are often called upon for their insight and counsel by business leaders in a wide range of industries, government agencies, and consultancies large and small. They will share some of the latest data on Scrum as it is practiced by the leading companies and thought leaders. For example, Microsoft has new data on estimating work with points vs. hours, the results might surprise you. They recently met with the CEO of the Standish Group, Jim Johnson, and will share with you his radical new stance on agile development based on more than a decade of real world research on which projects succeed, which fail, and why. Dr. Sutherland and his team have also been working with the Lean Enterprise Institute on the roots of Scrum and “Lean Manufacturing” within Japanese teams at companies like Toyota and Honda.


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