Shale Colombia 2014


Location: Bogota, Colombia

Event Date/Time: Sep 30, 2014 End Date/Time: Oct 01, 2014
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The mission of Shale Colombia 2014 is to determine the next steps towards the commercialization of unconventional oil and gas development for the country.   Colombia's original and most established shale congress hosted over 300 of the most influential people in the oil and gas industry in 2013 and is now returning with a brand new updated agenda. The event will host case studies from some of the pioneers in Colombian development, using the latest reservoir data, fiscal updates and global shale technology case studies, to evaluate the real potential Colombia holds for unconventional development.   DETERMINING THE POTENTIAL OF TIGHT OIL AND SHALE GAS PRODUCTION COLOMBIA   Following tightening energy regulations in Argentina, Colombia has been highlighted as the most prospective unconventional oil and gas opportunity within Latin America and is now rapidly attracting increasing levels of exploration work, reservoir studies and global investment. Colombia, globally renowned in the energy industry for having a more supportive oil and gas regulatory framework than any of its neighbors, is one of the oldest and most established conventional oil and gas industries across Latin America. The emergence of the unconventional industry now not only holds phenomenal geological opportunity; it holds the potential for significant and potentially unprecedented commercial opportunities for the E&P companies and investors that pioneer it's development.   The Colombia shale industry is still in very early stages of development however with significant clarity still to be gained in on how conventional environmental and fiscal regulations will evolve to include unconventional, the technical costs of exploitation and of course hydraulic fracturing service and supply chain availability.   CHARACTERIZING THE RESERVOIR   With an incredibly complex structural geology, it is fundamental to get a deeper understanding of the reservoir through characterization data from Colombian basins and formations. Additionally, hearing case studies from more advanced shale countries on how the latest petrophysical, geochemical and seismic tools and advanced research methods can contribute to more accurate and faster estimates on technically recoverable volumes and quality of the resources in place, is crucial.   HOW CONVENTIONAL REGULATIONS WILL EVOLVE TO SUPPORT UNCONVENTIONAL DEVELOPMENT   Final environmental regulations specific to shale operations are yet to be issued in Colombia. Shale Colombia 2014 will partner with ANLA (the National Environmental Permitting Authority) to define how these will impact project economics for shale operations in Colombia, along with a thorough analysis on how fiscal incentives from the ANH will contribute to development in terms of generating interest from national and international investors in the country.   DRIVING DOWN THE COSTS AND ENSURING THE AVAILABILITY OF WELL SERVICES   The commercial success of shale operations in Colombia also depends critically upon the availability and economic viability of economically viable drilling and completions service equipment. To enable this, it is vital that equipment supply chain and cost optimization strategies for drilling and completions and water management are developed.