TechAmerica Big Data Roadshow Austin

Organization: TechAmerica

Venue: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 24, 2013 / 7:30 am - (CST) End Date/Time: Oct 24, 2013 / 11:30 am - (CST)
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Join the Austin Chamber of Commerce and TechAmerica for the Big Data Roadshow – Texas! Big data is currently being implemented to reshape America’s dynamic energy industry.  By using advanced computational power to monitor and analyze consumption patterns, cities throughout the United States have been able to decrease their energy costs and limit the adverse impact that they have on the environment.  “Smart buildings” that are connected to a big data system via sensors and monitoring systems can adjust energy consumption based on immediate requirements.  Furthermore, big data solutions can detect when and where energy equipment is running inefficiently, allowing cities and power companies to identify areas of waste within their electrical grids.  In addition to efficiency within cities, big data has been used to optimize the placement and design of wind turbines and solar panels, allowing them to generate the highest amount of energy depending on weather conditions.

Big data is also being utilized to enhance emerging methods of energy production, such as hydraulic fracturing.  Through the widespread measurement and digestion of disparate data, decision makers can gain valuable insights about precise drilling locations, equipment upkeep, and the potential for leaks along pipelines.

The United States Department of Energy has recognized the potential of big data to revolutionize energy consumption, providing $25 million in funding to establish the “Scalable Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Institute” (SDAV).  This institute will work to develop new big data tools to help scientists manage and develop on the Department of Energy’s supercomputers.

The Big Data Roadshow stop in Austin will explore the potential of big data as it relates to energy, and will be an exciting look into the future of energy consumption and creation in the United States.

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