The Grand Cayman Liberty Forum (Protect Your Wealth & Freedom)

Organization: Liberty Forums, LLC

Venue: Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

Location: George Town, Cayman Islands

Event Date/Time: Nov 16, 2014 / 6:00 pm - (EST) End Date/Time: Nov 20, 2014 / 6:15 pm - (EST)
Registration Date: Nov 12, 2014
Early Registration Date: Oct 31, 2014
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Grand Cayman Liberty Forum - November 16-20, 2014 TIme is Running OutProtect Your Wealth & Freedom

“The Internationalization Event of the Year”

If everything you own is held in your own name in your own country, then you are not merely exposed, you are vulnerable absolutely, to whatever decisions the government might make about how you should behave and who gets the wealth you've earned.” Terry Coxon, International Man

We’ll explore unique investment strategies with some of the smartest minds in wealth accumulation, asset protection and risk diversificationincluding Terry Coxon, Adrian Day, Robert Ringer, Peter Schiff, Jeff Clark, Doug Casey, Sara Nunnally,and many more.

Traditional and contrarian thinkers will discuss and debate today’s global financial issues, and they’ll reveal their insider viewpoints on alternative investment options… and challenges.

Let the GRAND CAYMAN LIBERTY FORUM be your first step toward developing sound, legal strategies for diversifying your assets and personal risk across multiple jurisdictions.

Here are just some of the topics we'll be looking into:

• Residency Alternatives • Investment Opportunities • Second Passports • Property Investment • LLC Owned IRAs • Physical Asset Acquisition & Storage • International Trusts • Business Location • Financial Services • Lifestyle Options • Wealth Management • IP Privacy • International Law & Reporting Requirements

We’ve gone all out to gather the most qualified internationalization faculty ever assembled including “boots on the ground” specialists eager to share their Cayman successes and local knowledge.

Plus, we’ll be based at the Grand Cayman Marriot Beach Resort right in the heart of the beautiful Cayman Islands, one of the world’s safest jurisdictions for diversifying your risk.

One thing is for sure. When you attend the GRAND CAYMAN LIBERTY FORUM, you’ll leave armed with knowledge and contacts you need to make your decisions… 

And, the Cayman Islands can easily play a significant role in making your decisions actionable.

Why Cayman Islands?

  • Cayman is 100% free of direct taxation. There is no income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, sales tax, VAT or inheritance tax.
  • Forbes recently ranked Cayman at the top of their “friendliest countries” list.
  • Cayman is in the enviable position of hosting 80% of the world’s hedge funds.
  • Forty of the 50 largest banks in the world have branches in Grand Cayman.
  • The Banker Survey of 2013 gave Cayman the number one slot for a fifth consecutive year as the leading specialist financial center.
  • And, almost half of the top 30 offshore law firms and all of the top global accounting firms, including the “Big Four” are in Cayman.
Meet a few of our dynamic speakers:  

Doug Casey

Doug Casey has said over and over that spreading your political risk beyond a single jurisdiction is the single most important thing he can recommend today.

“At a time when over-indebted governments are making increasingly desperate grabs for their citizens' money, keeping all your assets invested in one country—and denominated in one currency—is a very bad idea.”....


Adrian Day

"We invest globally because we must: a narrow, single-nation perspective would simply be unnecessarily restrictive. I strongly feel that for long-term investors, the ability to own and control resources (from gold to forest products) will provide a measure of certainty in an inflationary world."


Robert Ringer

“Sometimes I think Thoreau had it exactly right. That cabin in the woods sounds awfully good right now to those of us who want to be left alone to live our lives without others imposing their beliefs on us.” …


Peter Schiff

“People should have an escape valve for their money, their assets. If you have substantial financial assets, the government is going to confiscate the purchasing power of those assets and spend it.”


Jeff Clark

Jeff recently wrote a letter to “Silver.” Her polite response was:

“Dear Mr. Clark, I have good news for you. While some investors have lost interest in me and my price is at 2010 levels, things will soon change. In fact, I offered to bet my cousin “Gold” that I will outperform him before this cycle is over. He declined to take the bet.”


Terry Coxon

“The most reliable way to protect your family’s assets from aggressive lawsuits (and from other hazards that could demote you from Rich Man to Poor Man) is with an International Trust. Nothing else comes close in power and reliability.”


Paul Rosenberg

"There's no longer any question about it: Everything you do on the Internet is tracked and recorded. Not only is that creepy, it's dangerous. Think your laptop or cell phone is secure? You may want to think again. However, we can protect all our Internet usage from the gaping maw of spies and thieves.”

This is just a handful of the many experts, analysts and visionaries who will be on site, ready to discuss the challenges and solutions for today’s pressing issues.

Visit our speakers page to see the full roster and be sure to keep checking back as we’ll be adding more to the list as we get closer to the Forum date.

We live in dramatically changing times

Those of us who are older are increasingly at risk of losing much of what we have worked for. Our younger friends are likely looking toward a bleak future.

The good news is that there are places in the world not in decline, in fact they are thriving. Cayman is undeniably one of these places.

We invite you to join our experts and fellow, like-minded investors for an in-depth look at how the Cayman Islands can benefit you both personally and economically, and how the CAYMAN LIBERTY FORUM can help you internationalize in the most efficient and productive way.

"Only a fool tries to survive by acting like a vegetable, staying rooted in one place, when the political and economic climate changes for the worse." - Doug Casey

Why Internationalize?

Expect more government... and less freedom

If history is any guide, as time moves forward it’s logical to assume that your pocketbook will be squeezed tighter and tighter, and you’ll be subjected to more stringent regulations and restrictions.

The window to protect yourself from these risks won’t be open forever.

While it isn’t essential (yet) that you pull up stakes and assume the life of an expat, it is vital that you develop and implement your internationalization plan early… rather than too late.

For centuries, wealthy people around the world have used internationalization strategies to protect their assets and themselves. Thanks to modern technology and a globalized world, today anyone can develop an internationalization game plan.

The GRAND CAYMAN LIBERTY FORUM is the ONE place where it all comes together

To insure that you meet all of our speakers and company representatives, and have a chance to thoroughly investigate the opportunities on offer, we’ve strictly limited the number of attendees.

This means that seats for this event are first come, first served… and they will sell out fast.(Less than 100 seats remain!)


Are you ready to start protecting your Wealth and Freedom?

If you are, don’t delay and risk missing the GRAND CAYMAN LIBERTY FORUM – three jam-packed days filled with vital information that could change the direction of your life… give you peace of mind… and… potential profits.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Registration Price $795 $395

Act Now! Claim your discount… and take the first step toward protecting your wealth and freedom.

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Conference Speakers

Lindsay Hall Neil Rooney Steve Hawley Paul Rosenberg Adrian Day Barry Potekin Doug Casey Jeff Clark Knut Andersen Nick Giambruno Peter Schiff Robert Ringer Terry Coxon Bobby Casey Guests Lou Petrossi Nicolas Joseph Kenneth Cunningham Don Hosmer Jeff Berwick Dr. Ralph Williams Sara Nunnally Peter Hug