TLL International Conference 2014:Next Generation Genomic View on Plants, Animals and Microbes

Organization: Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory

Venue: The Matrix Auditorium

Location: Singapore, 138671, Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Mar 05, 2014 End Date/Time: Mar 07, 2014
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The development of rapid and efficient techniques in large scale genetic analysis has been proven to be advantageous to all areas of biological investigation. Through new computing software designed specifically for the purpose of processing the DNA code, advances in molecular biology and genetics have been brought together to create a new field of research known as "Genomics". Genomics can unlock secrets in all life forms including plants, animals and microbes. The advances of next-generation genome sequencing technologies, coupled with the shrinking cost of genome sequencing, increasing the throughput of sequencing and the capability in analysis of large data sets using bioinformatic tools, characterize the genomics revolution. Because researchers are now able to sequence all the DNA of an organism, genomics is opening up vast new areas of study and new opportunities for the world. It has become an important fundamental tool in aiding scientists to explore, investigate, and gain deeper insight into the biological basis of health and diseases and improve the quality of agricultural production.

The International Conference on “Next Generation Genomic View on Plants, Animals and Microbes” will focus on four main areas: genomics technology, plant genomes, animal genomes and microbial genomes. Distinguished international speakers from the academia and industry in the genetics and genomics field will be sharing their latest know-how. The many examples and case studies which will be discussed at the conference are intended to enhance the understanding of different level of complex systems at various scales from molecular processes to cells, tissues and organisms.  This elevated understanding will help tremendously in integrating both the basic and strategic aspects of the science. This conference also aims to consider the technical, commercial, and societal influences of these new and updated genomic technologies and examine the crucial ways in which they could be utilized to create positive impacts on our lives in the future years.

This event is organised by Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory to provide an interactive platform for information exchange, along with opportunities for interactions, networking, and formation of joint collaborations between researchers and industry professionals.  


30 Biopolis Street


Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory