Topical Issues of Science and Agro-Industrial Complex in the European Integration Process (Topical issues of science and agroindustry)

Organization: Perm State Agricultural Academy

Venue: Perm State Agricultural Academy

Location: Perm, Permskii krai, Russian Federation

Event Date/Time: Nov 13, 2013 / 9:00 am - (GMT +6:00 hours) End Date/Time: Nov 15, 2013 / 8:00 pm - (GMT +6:00 hours)
Registration Date: Sep 30, 2013 Time: 12:00:00(GMT +6:00 hours)
Early Registration Date: Sep 30, 2013 Time: 12:00:00(GMT +6:00 hours)
Paper Submission Date: Sep 30, 2013 Time: 12:00:00(GMT +6:00 hours)
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Sections    The work of the Conference will proceed in the following sections:    1. Scientific and personnel provision of agro-industrial complex, issues of specialists training.    2. Soil science, chemistry, agro-chemistry, ecology, and sustainable natural resources use.    3. Agronomy and food product technology.    4. Botany, forestry, forest regulation, and landscape design.    5. Zootechny, biotechnology, veterinary medicine, and regulation in veterinary.    6. Processes and machines of agro-engineering systems, human activities safety.    7. Land management, cadatsre, land tenure.    8. Economy, finance, management, commerce, accountancy in agro-industrial complex.    9. Applied computer science and informatisation in agro-industrial complex.    10. Construction and architecture in agro-industrial complex.    11. Humane science, physic and mathematic sciences (philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, foreign  languages, Russian language and standard of speech, physics, mathematics).        Papers not covered directly by the listed sections and belonging to the agricultural field will be allotted to  one of the existing sections. 


Petropavlovskaya 23
Permskii krai
Russian Federation


Perm State Agricultural Academy
Petropavlovsakya 23
Russian Federation

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Participation    For participation in the Conference please send electronically to the email address:  until 30.09.2013 as attached files:    - filled in Registration form;    - paper;    - copy of registration fee receipt.            Registration fee        Participation    RF participants    Non-RF participants    in presentia    RUR2000    €100    in absentia    RUR150 per page including incomplete page    €40            Registration fees are paid by all Conference participants and entitle them to: participation in the  Conference, badge, Conference materials (including Book of proceedings) and gala dinner.        The Book of proceedings will be sent to absent participants by regular post to the mailing address given in  the Registration form with cash on delivery.   

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Instruction for authors    Scientific papers must be written in Russian or English and contain: introduction, materials and methods,  results description, conclusion and suggestions, reference list.    Papers from five to eight full A4 format pages (210x297) must be typed in Microsoft Word Processor with  the parameters: all margins – 2,5 cm, style – common, font – Times New Roman, font size – 14 (in tables, 12  allowed), width aligned, line spacing – 1.5. Tables must be created in Microsoft Word, the tables auto fit –  the window width, formulas must be typed in Microsoft Equation Processor. Black and white pictures only  using hatch, without filling and halftones are allowed.    The file must be titled with the first author’s surname and two first words of the article title.    Materials must be arranged as shown on the template.    The table header must be printed with the semi-bold font type in the center. Tables are numbered if they  are more than one. The text must contain the link to a table. The table number must be indicated before  its header without the word “Table”. The illustration name (picture, graph) must be placed under it after  the explaining inscription, numbered (Fig.1). The number must be written before the picture name.    In the end of the article references (bibliography list) must be arranged according to the GOST R 7.0.5- 2008 (font – 12), in alphabetical order: first – Russian, then – foreign languages. The link to the reference in  the text must be given in square brackets in a plane text format [1].            TEMPLATE        UDC 633.3:631.52+631.584.5    S.L. Eliseev    Perm State Agricultural Academy        Fertilizers and seeding rates effects on the yield of pea and barley mixture        Abstract (3-4 sentences)        Key words: (in italic) up to ten words        Paper text        Bibliography list    1. Vasin V.G., Elchaninova N. N. Topical issues of fodder production in Samarskaya oblast // Agriculture.  2004. №1. P. 24-25.