United Conference IVESC-ICEE-ICCTPEA-BDO-2014

Organization: Saint Petersburg State University

Venue: Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Event Date/Time: Jun 30, 2014 End Date/Time: Jul 04, 2014
Registration Date: May 26, 2014
Early Registration Date: Apr 07, 2014
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 15, 2014
Paper Submission Date: Apr 25, 2014
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Dear Colleagues,

We invite You to take part in the United Conference IVESC-ICEE-ICCTPEA-BDO-2014, which will take place from June 30 to July 04, 2014 in Saint-Petersburg on the basis of the hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Congress center (Korablestroiteley street, 14).

The 10th International Vacuum Electron Sources Conference – IVESC-2014 will be combined with the 2nd International Conference on Emission Electronics – ICEE-2014, with the International Conference on Computer Technologies in Physical and Engineering Applications – ICCTPEA-2014 and with the 20th International Workshop on Beam Dynamics and Optimization – BDO-2014.

The conferences are held by St.Petersburg State University under supervision of IVESC International Steering Committee, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University, Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Scientific Council of RAS on Physical Electronics, Scientific Council of RAS on Luminescence, Interregional Innovative development Center “INNO-MIR” and other organizations, Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The main goal of the organizers is to provide wide range for discussion of current theoretical and experimental achievements between all involved scientists, from students to professors and leading research scientists of commercial enterprises. These joined conferences will extend the view of key points in technology of electron cathodes and guns (applications of vacuum electron sources; new materials, incl. nano-materials - their production, processing and modern equipment), and give the opportunity to know about recent results in physics of electron emission (field, thermo-, photo-, secondary, and explosive electron emission, as well as photoelectron spectroscopy), and also about electron beam modeling and optimization.

On the other hand, at the conferences (both in theoretical and practical aspects) research, development and application of modern computer sciences for applied technical and physical problems will be discussed. Following topics are proposed for discussion in this part: MATLAB as a development environment for engineering and science; computer simulation and research in dynamical systems; solving of applied problems of control theory using MATLAB; neural network technologies in engineering; simulation of dynamical objects using Simulink.

As a result, we provide an unique possibility for fruitful communication of theoreticians, experimentalists, applied researchers, programmers, developers and users, whose research and work are connected with vacuum electron sources, emission electronic devices, and other topics of physics and industry.

Hope to see you on the IVESC-ICEE-ICCTPEA-BDO-2014!

Sincerely yours, Prof. Nikolay Egorov Chairman of the General Organizing (International) Committee



Korablestroiteley street, 14
Russian Federation


Saint Petersburg State University
Universitetskaya emb., 7-9
Russian Federation

Conference Speakers

General Organizing (International) Committee Chairman N. V. Egorov (Russia) Co-Chairman V. A. Cherepenin (Russia) Co-Chairman G. Gartner (Germany) S. N. Andrianov (Russia) Yu. V. Gulaev (Russia) J.- M. Roquais (France) R. Z. Bachtizin (Russia) K. Jensen (USA) M. Sasaki (Japan) M. Berz (USA) V. V. Korablev (Russia) N. I. Sinitsyn (Russia) S. F. Bureiko (Russia) E. V. Nikulchev (Russia) S. P. Tunik (Russia) V. I. Engelko (Russia) G. A. Mesyats (Russia) M. V. Ulyanov (Russia) D. Engelsen (The Netherlands) D. A. Ovsyannikov (Russia) B. Vancil (USA) V. V. Eremeev (Russia) L. A. Petrosyan (Russia) E. I. Veremey (Russia) O. M. Golubev (Russia) O. A. Podsvirov (Russia) G. G. Vladimirov (Russia)

IVESC International Steering Committee AMERICAN SECTION Kevin L. Jensen - coordinator, Naval Research Laboratory Michael C. Green - Varian Medical Systems Norman Hill - Georgia Institute of Technology William Mackie - Applied Physics Technologies Inc. Wayne L. Ohlinger - Westinghouse Electric Co. Bernard Vancil - eBeam Inc. Edwin G. Wintucky - NASA Glenn Research Center Joan Yater - Naval Research Laboratory

ASIATIC SECTION Masahiro Sasaki - сoordinator, University of Tsukuba, Japan Junji Itoh - Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Japan Toshiaki Kusunoki - Hitachi Ltd., Japan Fujiang Liao - Beijing Vacuum Electronics Research Institute, China Guangyi Liu - Institute of Electronics CAS, China Gun-Sik Park - Seoul National University, R. Korea Yiman Wang - Beijing University of Technology, China Xiaobing Zhang - Southeast University, China   EUROPEAN SECTION Georg F. Gaertner - сoordinator, Philips Research Laboratories, Germany Raouf Z. Bakhtizin - Bashkir State University, Russia Daniel den Engelsen - Brunel University (UK), The Netherlands Nikolay V. Egorov - Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia Ian Milsom - e2v Co., UK Jean-Michel Roquais - Thales Industrial Group, France Evgenii P. Sheshin - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia Nikolai I. Sinitsyn - Saratov Dept. of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Russia

Scientific Program Committee Chairman E. P. Sheshin (Russia) Co-Chairman I. P. Lee (Russia)   V. K. Adamchuk (Russia)  G. N. Fursey (Russia) M. Sasaki (Japan) M. Berz (USA) G. Gartner (Germany) M. V. Gomoyunova (Russia) D. Blank (Russia)   Yu. V. Gulyaev (Russia) A. B. Sergienko (Russia) A. S. Bugaev (Russia)  K. Jensen (USA) G. G. Sominskiy (Russia) N. V. Egorov (Russia) G. A. Mesyats (Russia) V. A. Sukhomlin (Russia) A. E. Fotiadi (Russia) D. A. Ovsyannikov (Russia) E. I. Veremey (Russia)