US Ethane Exports & Ethylene Markets 2014

Organization: American Business Conferences

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel by the Galleria

Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Event Date/Time: Oct 28, 2014 End Date/Time: Oct 29, 2014
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US ethane supply has massively increased in the wake of the shale gas revolution. With prices dropping, and domestic transportation infrastructure coming online, this critical feedstock has become more domestically abundant than ever before. This has triggered billion dollar investment projects by petrochemical companies in expanded ethylene production and lighter feedstocks, switching from naphtha to ethane, to capture the superior economics and improved pricing margins.   With the recent announcement from INEOS of their plan to export ethane to Europe from 2015, many questions are being asked around the future of US pricing and supply. There are numerous large-scale production expansions preparing to go live from 2017/18; however, if producers are able to economically export ethane directly to international markets this will drive up feedstock prices, threatening the business case for US projects and the anticipated second wave. The opportunity presented by these ethane markets, production forecasts, the timelines for expansion, global derivative markets and supply infrastructure costs are all key factors when locating the greatest export advantage and mitigating investment risk.   The 2nd Annual Ethane Exports & Ethylene Markets Summit, taking place in Houston on October 28-29, will provide exclusive insights into these issues, uncovering the true potential for ethane exports, the drivers for on-going cracker project economics, the business case for increased infrastructure investment and technology solutions for maximizing profitability.   The completion dates and capacity of ethane cracking projects will chiefly determine the decision to export ethane or its derivatives, and the conference will examine the capability of these projects to be completed on time, solutions for their execution, and investigate the various impacts on consumption, over-supply, and cost. International derivative markets will be assessed to determine the economics for increased domestic capacity, as well as the business case for investment in on-purpose propylene and butadiene production to replenish co-product streams coming offline.   Day 1 will focus on the impact of ethane export on pricing & economics by examining the market potential in Europe, Asia & Canada alongside a basin-by-basin analysis of the major plays in the US to assess total production levels and the effectiveness of the mid-stream infrastructure.   Day 2 will provide an update on cracker projects, the feasibility of the next phase, the issues surrounding labor and permits, and then examine new ethylene production technologies and assess the capacity of the derivative market home and abroad to absorb the supply. Finally consideration is applied to the co-product stream, their future production techniques and the impact on supply and pricing.          


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