Event Date/Time: Apr 22, 2014 / 8:00 am - (EST) End Date/Time: Apr 24, 2014 / 3:00 pm - (EST)
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New York State announced it partnering with WGES to bring top experts to Niagara Fall for premier World Event featuring economic programs,sustainable products & technologies in new energy.

The World Green Energy Symposium (WGES.US), a premier world event which will unveil the latest technologies and economic opportunities in new energy and feature top experts in sustainable energy, will be held April 22-24, 2014 in Niagara Falls.     It was announced today that the WGES will take place at the Conference & Events Center Niagara Falls, NY with doors opening on 2014 EARTH DAY.

The World Green Energy Symposium has been held in major cities and venues and is known for drawing thousands of participants from a broad array of energy related disciplines.  The World Exhibitor Showcase will contain the latest products and innovations, as well as master class lectures and workshops conducted by renowned experts in the field. The program agenda provides a world stage of education and information exchange.

The conference is expected to attract top industry leaders, government officials, universities, environmental and economic experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators, government agencies, financial lenders and investors, manufacturers, and nonprofit organizations who will engage in a platform of education and information exchange using sustainable technologies and sustainable development as a vantage point to increase the economics in communities.

The 2014 World Green Energy Symposium at Niagara Falls symbolically will open on EARTH DAY and is a perfect fit to show the world the beauty of this area and the economic opportunities available through sustainability. 

Professor Gallagher concluded by saying, “By bringing this world event to Niagara Falls NY/CA there is a unique opportunity to have a world stage to unveil plans, policies, programs and opportunities as a vantage point for a sustainable future.”

Whether it's the top experts from across the globe and disciplines, launches, rollouts, case studies, new policy updates, contracting information, CSOs Executive Roundtables (10,000+ employees),  Master Class lectures at the World Stage, educational program workshops, contracting or grants/financing information opportunities, or the World Class Showcases or for making the right Connections to improve your knowledge & growth in the sustainable energy field                     The WGES IS THE PLACE TO BE ON EARTH DAY 2014 

For the many thousands of professionals who know making the right choice of programs to attend critical as time invested away must be quantifiable as a value to the need of staying current and connected,  the premier World Green Energy Symposium is the one “must-attend” symposium & expo. It is known for attracting the best minds and top experts and for its stellar program, along with the top World Class Exhibitors who year after year set the standard for the sustainable energy industry. The World Stage serves as a platform of education and information exchange of forward thinking leadership, innovative ideas, key resources, and sustainable economic opportunities. The World Green Energy Symposium is developed with careful consideration for every moment of your time to be a worthwhile investment. The continued testimonials and unprecedented growing numbers of participants, partners, sponsors and exhibitors is a tribute to all those who collaborate from the different disciplines to support the organizing this world event.   We look forward to your participation at the WGES – click here to register.

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The World Green Energy Symposium (WGES.US) is a premier program known to attract some of the best minds from a multi-disciplined audience under one roof.  WGES is designed to implement innovative thinking and showcase products and innovations to ensure environmental and economic success in the new energy industry today and for the future.  WGES programs attract leaders in the energy industry who present the latest case studies, unveil upcoming innovations and projects, discuss contracting opportunities and provide updates on the latest policy to a global audience and the media. WGES attracts a diverse audience from local and federal governments, industry, academia, nonprofit organizations and representatives involved in B2B, B2G, G2G activities. 

Attendees will be provided with opportunities to network with others in the green energy field and the symposium is the perfect place for learning, exchanging, exhibiting, procuring, and investing in the future of latest energy technologies.  The latest green energy products and technologies will be showcased at the 2014 World Green Energy Symposium at Niagara Falls/Buffalo, New York and seen by an enthusiastic and forward thinking audience.  For more visit wges.us.



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