4th European Conference on Genetic Programmingon Genetic Programming (EuroGP2001)

Venue: Lake Como

Location: Lake Como, Milan, Italy

Event Date/Time: Apr 18, 2001 End Date/Time: Apr 20, 2001
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Workshop proposal deadline 14 September 2000
Paper submission deadline 16 November 2000

Genetic programming:(noun) 1. a means of automatically generating
computer programs to perform certain tasks, in which the principles of
Darwinian natural selection are used to drive adaptation and
learning. 2. a robust and flexible automated procedure ideally suited
for design, pattern recognition and control problems.

EuroGP2001:(noun) 1. the largest European event entirely devoted to
Genetic Programming. 2. an annual conference frequented by a lively
and diverse population of researchers and practitioners. 3. a forum
for intellectual exchange - a breeding ground, where ideas recombine
and mutate, and where new developments are presented. 4. the next
iteration of the GP meta-algorithm.

GP applications areas:(phrase) 1. those areas of human activity in
which theoretical research into genetic programming has been
successfully applied, as for example: financial data mining, robotic
and engineering control, signal and image processing, electronic
circuit synthesis, bio-informatics, engineering design, music and
art. 2. areas that broadly mirror the range of current scientific
endeavour - from gene sequencing to satellite imaging and the design
of control systems for humanoid robots.

human competitive results:(phrase) 1. in the case of genetic
programming, results that offer the best available solution, or are
equivalent or superior to results produced by humans. 2. for genetic
programming an informal benchmark used to establish the effectiveness
and utility of the technique.

topics of interest:(phrase) 1. fundamental issues within the field of
genetic programming, as for example: scalability, code bloat,
performance measures, automatic modularisation and code reuse. 2. new
theoretical findings. 3. novel applications.

previous events:(phrase)
1. EuroGP98 in Paris.
2. EuroGP99 in Goteburg.
3. EuroGP2000 in Edinburgh.


Lake Como
Lake Como

Additional Information

Submissions Papers should be no longer than ten A4 pages and should be sent by email in compressed Postscript (gzip or winzip) format. Since the refereeing process is double blind, it is ESSENTIAL that all occurrences of authors' names should be removed from the text of the paper, including the reference section, and replaced by question marks. The email accompanying the submission should state ALL authors and include their email addresses. Send papers by email to either of the programme co-chairs: