IEEE - International Conference on Software Maintenance

Venue: Florence

Location: Florence, Italy

Event Date/Time: Nov 05, 2001 End Date/Time: Nov 09, 2001
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Since its start in 1983, ICSM (International Conference on Software Maintenance) has grown and developed into an international forum for software maintenance researchers and practitioners to examine key issues facing the software maintenance community. Participants from academia, government, and industry share ideas and experiences solving critical software maintenance problems.

The ICSM conference is the premier international (world wide) event in the maintenance field. The importance of software maintenance is being increasingly recognised, both in terms of professional activities, and also through public perception, the Y2K problem (Millennium bug) and the Euro-conversion being the most obvious examples. Hence it is vital for the community of researchers and practitioners to publish, present, and debate the latest results in the field. ICSM proceedings present works of outstanding international excellence, where reports on the latest advances in the field may be found.

Previous ICSM conferences demonstrated tremendous interest and enthusiasm on the part of both researchers and applications personnel for current work in software maintenance. Many excellent papers were submitted and debated, showing that there is increasing interest in the subject.

ICSM is truly an international meeting place for researchers and practitioners in the field. Members of the program committee represent many different countries of the world. Many of the authors of papers also represent the software engineering interests of the international community.

International business competitiveness is dependent on huge quantities of already installed, legacy software. The Y2K event had convinced companies of the value of the legacy software to the operation of their business, and of the critical importance of the proper maintenance of both this legacy software and newly developed software. ICSM is the major international conference in the field of software and systems evolution, maintenance, and management.

We intend to contact the leaders of major European projects (e.g. Esprit, Eureka, Essi, etc.) to HOST one or half day open workshops jointly with ICSM. Universities and no-profit Research Centres in Tuscany and in the close regions are strongly present in several European Commission project programs: TTN HPCN, TTN TOPS.

We also intend to involve AICA, the Italian Computer Society, and TABOO (Italian association on object oriented technologies) to organise collateral events.

ICSM is the major international conference in the field of software and systems maintenance, evolution, and management.

In the era of the Internet, businesses and end-users have invested in new technologies and small and large software organisations around the world are looking for Internet related solutions to evolve and maintain their new Internet software products.

Internet technologies are strongly impacting system architectures and business processes and rules. In some cases businesses and end-users have been overwhelmed trying to keep up with software development and evolution processes and practices. In addition to novel solutions to enable the life-cycle of new web-based software systems, huge investments are necessary to migrate aging legacy applications to web-enabled contemporary systems.

ICSM 2001 will address these major changes in the software landscape and their impact on maintenance and evolution. The focus of the conference will be to explore the new challenges that the Internet, as a driver for business changes, poses for software maintenance, and the new opportunities it opens as infrastructure and enabling technology.

The purpose of the conference is to promote discussion and interaction between researchers and practitioners. We are particularly interested in exchanging concepts, prototypes, research ideas, and other results which could contribute to the academic arena and also benefit business and the industrial community. ICSM 2001 will be participatory, with working collaborative sessions and presentations of industry projects. ICSM 2001 will bring together researchers, practitioners, developers and users of tools, technology transfer experts, and project managers.

The Conference will be held in conjunction with WESS, the Workshop on Empirical Studies of Software.


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Theme: Systems and Software Evolution in the era of the Internet