ACM1:Beyond Cyberspace (ACM1)

Venue: San Jose

Location: San Jose, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 12, 2001 End Date/Time: Mar 14, 2001
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Chuck House, General Chair
Sid Karin and Fran Allen, Program Co-Chairs
Dave Kasik, Exposition Chair

A Gathering of Leaders and Visionaries
We proudly introduce ACM1: Beyond Cyberspace, March 10-14, 2001, in San Jose, California. International leaders and visionaries from industry, academia, research, and government will gather to continue the dialogue on key computing advances that will directly and/or indirectly impact our daily lives, and how computing will change the way we interact as we travel around the globe ... and beyond.

ACM1 will explore the ways in which the information technology community can inspire students and teachers to vigorously pursue math, science, and technology careers. As advances in computing offer new and innovative applications that change the way we live, we need to determine where to invest our efforts in information technology, how to anticipate dangers, and where to look for new opportunities.

ACM97 set the stage. Predictions were made about the capabilities of computing and information technology in the year 2047. The ACM97 Expo, with 70 leading-edge exhibitors from around the world, was designed around a unique archaeological "dig." More than 30,000 kids, parents, and educators attended. We published two new books for ACM97 and produced a dynamic Web site that summarized and video-streamed the event.

As at ACM97, the ACM1 Exposition, a free-of-charge event, will showcase extraordinary technologies from dozens of leading-edge companies, institutions, research and development laboratories, etc., and will encourage hands-on participation. Visitors will be presented with a series of dramatic challenges and learn how technology is uniquely poised to help people solve and think about life's most pressing global problems.

ACM1 will consist of a summit-like Conference, a hands-on Exposition, and an exciting Quest Beyond Cyberspace educational component:

The Conference

Over a dozen plenary sessions featuring luminaries you only read about and hardly ever see. They will focus on specific topics (medicine, culture, security, telecommunications, life and social sciences, education) to explore how information technology is changing our world.

The Exposition

The free Exposition at the San Jose Convention Center -- open to all conference attendees and the public -- will challenge the visitor to enter a technological wonderland that will encourage rethinking of previously held ideas and concepts.

The Quest

The ACM1 Quest beyond Cyberspace is expected to launch on the Web at the start of the conference and run for a solid month. This Quest will feature the team that has made the Award-winning series to date, including AfricaQuest, GalapagosQuest, AmericaQuest, AsiaQuest, and MayaQuest. For this Quest, the team will emphasize careers in math, science, and technology, as well as highlight minority and women role models in these areas.


Additional Information

Conference March 12 - 14, 2001 The ACM1 Conference features a series of more than a dozen plenary sessions running from Monday through Wednesday. Each speaker is considered a "keynoter," focusing on a different field (information technology, security, medicine, culture, life and social sciences, education, etc.) and exploring the ways in which computing is affecting the state-of-the-art in that field. Information technology and computing professionals, Chief Experience Officers, CEOs CIOs, CTOs, futurists, business executives, and IT aficionados... we're targeting a purposely small, intimate, "in-the-know" audience of about 2,500 attendees to attend these high-level sessions.