Workshop on Object-oriented Modeling of Embedded Real-time Systems (OMER-2)

Venue: Munich

Location: Munich, Germany

Event Date/Time: May 10, 2001 End Date/Time: May 12, 2001
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The importance of embedded real-time (RT) systems for our daily life is rapidly increasing. Important application areas are e.g. the aerospace, automotive, chemical process engineering, and telecommunications industry. In all these areas the complexity and functionality of functions realized in software increases rapidly. Often this software is still developed using software engineering technologies of the eighties. As a consequence, it does not fulfill our expectations concerning maintenance and reusability of developed subcomponents. Furthermore, it often suffers from a separation of functions and data. These are the reasons why object-oriented (OO) approaches are needed that facilitate the development of reusable software components, which hide data and functions behind well-defined interfaces. The workshop OMER-2 addresses all aspects of the development and application of
object-oriented methods (languages, tools, processes) for the design and implementation of embedded RT systems. Its main purpose is to serve as a platform for academics and industry as well as for tool (method) developers and users to exchange their experiences in this field and to discuss new
trends. A further intention is to clarify a research agenda for the OO development of embedded RT software, allowing academics to focus their efforts and practitioners to reflect their daily business.
OMER-2 is planned to be an "informal" workshop (similar to its predecessor) with a limited number of participants (authors of position paper submissions will be preferred), invited talks of distinguished experts, short presentations of accepted submissions, a modeling contest, and ample time for discussions and working subgroups on different topics.
Invited Speaker
Bruce Douglass (I-Logix, Andover)
Position papers of four to six pages pertaining to all aspects of OO embedded RT system modeling are sought, not limited to the following:
Architectural styles, patterns, ...
Code generation from models
Development of reusable components
Experience reports of OO projects
Extensions of OO modeling languages
Testing and verification strategies

Submissions should be sent as pdf- or ps-files to
The proceedings of OMER-2 will be published as a technical report. Authors of selected submissions will be invited to submit a journal paper version after the workshop.
Deadline for position papers: March 1st, 2001
Notification of authors: April 1st, 20011
Registration for workshop: April 11th, 20011