2002 ACSM Annual Conference and Exhibition/ XXII FIG Annual Convention

Venue: Sheraton Washington Hotel

Location: Washington, D.C., United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 19, 2002 End Date/Time: Apr 26, 2002
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ACSM Overview of Objectives and Core Activities

Originally named the National Congress on Surveying and Mapping when it was founded in June 1941, the society sought to better coordinate the nation's surveying and mapping activities. Later the name was changed to the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping to encompass members from Canada and South America. Today, although the majority continue to come from the United States, ACSM's members include more than 7,000 surveyors, cartographers, geodesists, and other spatial data information professionals working in both public and private sectors throughout the world.
Today, the technology explosion has provided new methods of attaining and using spatial data. Geographic information systems (GIS), Land information systems (LIS), and the Global Positioning System (GPS) have revolutionized the spatial relationships of both actual objects and planned concepts. ACSM continually seeks to respond to the challenges presented by these new technologies.

Make-up of ACSM

ACSM is incorporated as a non-profit educational organization. The society is made up of four member organizations, which serve as special interest groups. Together they cover a full range of disciplines in the spatial data information field. The member organizations include:

The American Association for Geodetic Surveying - AAGS
(15% of ACSM members);

The Cartography and Geographic Information Society - CAGIS
(formerly the American Cartographic Association) (15%);

The Geographic and Land Information Society - GLIS
our newest member organization (10%); and

The National Society of Professional Surveyors, Inc. - NSPS (70%).

Each ACSM member joins at least one of the member organizations when they sign up. The percentages noted above add up to more than 100% because many members have elected to join more than one member organization. Each member organization has its own board of directors and addresses areas of particular interest to its constituents, but all four organizations function within the structure of ACSM and embrace the objectives of the society as a whole. In addition to the member organizations, ACSM also includes a number of geographically-oriented sections. The individual sections, in turn, make up the ACSM Council of Sections. The president of the Council sits on the ACSM Board of Direction and represents the interests of Council members.
The sections provide forums for the discussion of regional issues affecting the industry in general and ACSM members in particular. Sections often work with student chapters of ACSM at universities and colleges to provide scholarships and gifts.

Any member of ACSM, regardless of their profession or discipline, is eligible to join a Section. Please check with an officer or contact person of the Section nearest you for further information.

Within NSPS each of the 50 state surveying societies, as well as the one in Puerto Rico, has an affiliation with ACSM, and provides a representative to the NSPS Board of Governors. NSPS also has 10 Area Directors who sit on its on Board of Directors with the officers and the Chair of the Board of Governors.

Objectives and Core Activities

The objectives of ACSM are to advance the sciences of surveying and mapping and related fields, in furtherance of the welfare of those who use and make maps; to encourage the development of educational programs in surveying, mapping and charting; and to support publications that represent the professional and technical interests of surveying and mapping. To accomplish these objectives, ACSM engages in a number of core activities, including:

Government relations,
Communications and publications,
Conventions and conferences,
Educational services and certification programs, and
Fellowship and scholarship programs.
Government Relations
A staff member monitors and reports on Federal government activities of interest and concern to our members, and works closely with the members of the ACSM Government Affairs Committee to represent your interests before Congress and the Executive Branch.


ACSM produces a variety of publications, including:

Two quarterly professional journals, Surveying and Land Information Systems and Cartography and Geographic Information Systems;
A bi-monthly magazine, the ACSM Bulletin; and
Books and videos geared to the specific needs of our members. A catalog of the publications sold by ACSM is available.
Conventions and Conferences
ACSM sponsors an Annual Convention each Spring in partnership with one or more state or regional organizations. This important industry event typically attracts up to 2,000 attendees. In addition, a fall conference is organized to support and complement the needs of our members. It is usually held in conjunction with a state or regional organization meeting.

Educational Services and Certification Programs

The organization encourages high standards of performance through special educational activities and certification programs. Hydrographic surveying and survey technician certification programs are currently administered by ACSM and NSPS, respectively. ACSM also works closely with other organizations whose members are involved with surveys and maps, such as the American Land Title Association, with which it has established minimum standards for land title surveys. The latest version of the ALTA/ACSM standards was approved in 1999.

Fellowship and Scholarship Programs

To encourage excellence in education and performance, ACSM presents a number of fellowships and scholarships to deserving candidates each year. Many of these awards are supported financially by corporations that manufacture equipment and provide services integral to the spatial data information professions.

Your visit to our Web site should answer many questions about ACSM. If you need additional information or would like to become a member of ACSM, please check out the Membership Information department at this site or contact:

Denise Calvert
Membership Director
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
6 Montgomery Village Avenue, Suite #403
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Phone: 301/493-0200 ext.108
Fax: 301/493-8245
EMail: dcalvert@acsm.net


Sheraton Washington Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road NW, Washington, D.C. United States of America 20008
United States