World Water and Environmental Resources Congress (Bridging the Gap: Im)

Venue: The Clarion Plaza Hotel,

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: May 20, 2001 End Date/Time: May 24, 2001
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Bridging the Gap: Meeting the World's Water and Environmental Resources Challenges...

ASCE's new Environmental and Water Resources Institute's (EWRI) inaugural Congress is an important and defining opportunity to explore sustainability of environmental and water resource systems. This landmark event will explore the critical dependencies between water resources and the environment. Your participation can help improve the ability of the engineering and environmental communities to work together for an environmentally sustainable future.

The EWRI has collected the ASCE's environmental and water resources engineering functions under one roof and the Congress format is designed to emphasize engineering and environmental responsibility. Water resources engineering has and will play a role in both creating and solving environmental problems.

The conference location will provide a wonderful opportunity to explore and understand first hand one of the world's most critically threatened environmental systems, the Everglades.

Current environmental thinking for major restoration efforts in the Everglades, as well as elsewhere in the US, is often based on the premise that restoring the hydrology will also restore the environment. Matching the predictive approaches of the engineering community to the generally more descriptive approaches of environmental and public interest communities often creates unnecessary conflicts over expectations.

To help us better understand this situation, daily plenary sessions of experts will discuss and debate approaches, including dam removal and revised water management systems. These will provide unique learning opportunities to increase your understanding of the shifts in public perception and desires.

Co-sponsorship, partnering and session sponsorship inquiries by non-engineering and environmental individuals and organizations are also earnestly being solicited and will significantly enrich the Congress.

The following list is representative of the themes for which papers and sessions proposals are being sought:

Sustainable Water Resources - What is it? ...Indicators, Criteria and Values
Wetlands and River Restoration
Water Delivery Systems - Planning and Management
Invasive Species
Sedimentation and the Environment
Watershed and Wetland Processes
Watershed Management - What's Old, What's New?
Water Regulations, Laws and Policies
Emerging Technologies for Water Treatment
Emerging Technologies for Waste Water Treatment
Economics of the Environment
Value of Natural Systems
Waste Management
Beneficial Use of Waste By-products
Water Sustainability and Recycling
Storm Water Detention and Drainage
Inland Waterways
Coastal Zone Environment, Management & Engineering
Hydrology, Hydraulics and the Environment

A Symposium on Integrated Surface and Ground Water Management is being organized on a separate basis as a complementary activity to the Congress, as well as a Symposium on Urban Drainage Modeling and focus sessions on dam safety.

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