19th International Conference on the History of Cartography (The Cartography of S)

Venue: Biblioteca Nacional

Location: Madrid, Spain

Event Date/Time: Jul 01, 2001 End Date/Time: Jul 06, 2001
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The Spanish National Library is the Spanish Focal Point for the European Commission's Digital Heritage and Cultural Contents programme for libraries, archives and museums. The secretariat is located in the Department of Promotion, Cultural Development and Institutional Relations.

The Focal Point is responsible for distributing the information regularly received on the programme from the European Commission, clarifying any queries raised, offering advice, giving professionals guidance on activities and resources, and providing the European Commission with the information it requests on any aspect related to the country's libraries, archives and museums. In short, it provides a link between the European Commission's Digital Heritage and Cultural Contents programme and the libraries, archives and museums of Spain.

It is implemented through Calls for Proposals and is disseminated and publicised through Meetings, Seminars, and Publications.

The national focal points
Meetings and Seminars
Calls for proposals
Projects with Spanish participation
Overall programming 1998-2002
Background in the libraries area during the III and IV Framework Programme


Biblioteca Nacional, Paseo de Recoletos 20-22, Madrid Spain 28071

Additional Information

CALL FOR PROPOSALS Throughout the Fifth Framework Programme, the European Commission will issue calls for proposals of projects to be funded. Each call will be designed to cover a series of specific lines of action. The following are the calls relevant for archives, libraries and museums: 3rd Call for Proposals: February 10th, 2000. Deadline for submission of proposals: May 10th, 2000. Includes Action Line III.1.4 : "Access to digital collections of scientific and cultural content". 4th Call for Proposals: June, 2000. Deadline for submission of proposals: September, 2000. Includes Action Line III.1.5 : "Findings on new modes of access to cultural and scientific content" and Action Line III.1.6: "Virtual representations of scientific and cultural objects". Proposals should be sent by the deadline corresponding to the indirect RDT action type, by one of the following means: By post, preferably registered post, bearing the date on the postmark, by courier service or delivered by hand, for which an acknowledgement of receipt will be provided, to the following address: The IST Programme The Research Proposal Office Square Frére Orban/Frére Orbanplein 8 B-1040 Bruxelles/ Brussel By e-mail in accordance with the instructions given in the proposer's guide. When preparing a proposal to be sent electronically, two files should be created. The first must be a small validation file containing the basic content of the proposal and a unique identification code, and should reach the Commission by the deadline given above. The second file shall contain the proposal and should be received without any modification, a circumstance that can be verified by the unique identification code, no more than forty-eight hours after the expiry of the deadline given. All proposals received by the Commission will be treated in the strictest confidence. Further information can be found at: http://www.cordis.lu/ist/calls/200001.htm