Event Date/Time: Feb 11, 2001 End Date/Time: Feb 16, 2001
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Co- Chairs: Mark Stidham (BASF) & Bruce Hammock (UC Davis)
Co-Vice-Chairs: John Ryals (Paradigm Genetics) & Sarjeet Gill (UC Riverside)

This conference is held every two years and has traditionally enjoyed participation from government, university, and industrial scientists. The past conferences have been dominated by the science of crop protection, i.e., pest control, disease control, and weed control. In 1999 our conference theme was "Genomics in Crop Production." We brought many new faces into the conference, and we will continue moving with the "Frontiers of Science" in 2001. Participation is sought for oral presentations, poster presentations, and discussion leaders. Poster sessions are independent of the oral presentations

The theme chosen for 2001 is "Diversity Exploration in Agricultural Sciences." This theme should be taken in the context of exploring diversity in organisms, genetics, chemistry, and in approaches to address agricultural problems.


Diversity in Opinion of the Safety of GMOs (one 2 hour session)

Modification of the genetics of crops has been the major method of increasing crop yield and quality. Yet the advent of plant transformation has resulted in new questioning of the safety and wisdom of this approach. Why does the public accept genetic modification through plant breeding while questioning genetic modification through transformation?

New Chemistries & Targets (morning and evening sessions, 3 hours ea.)

While much attention has focused on new approaches, agricultural chemicals remain the basis for crop protection. Modern chemistry has generated an unprecedented chemical diversity for exploration. Genomics has generated a equal diverse set of targets for exploration.

Signal Perception (morning and evening sessions, 3 hours ea.)

The mechanics of signal perception and responses are now understood in unprecedented detail. This session will cover the new science and innovative applications in signal perception and gene switching.

Diversity in Tools & Approaches (morning and evening sessions, 3 hours ea.)

Agriculture sciences have benefited from incorporating new tools and approaches. From the application of phage display to virus-mediated antisense, this session will cover some cutting edge developments that will increase the range and speed of future discoveries.

Diversity in Traits and Platforms (morning and evening sessions, 3 hours ea.)

The range of traits addressed in ag sciences has expanded, and the science of incorporating new traits has developed. Industry, academic, and government agency scientists will present an amazing array of topics at this session.

Sunday Afternoon: Arrival and Registration
Sunday, February 11
Session 1: Diversity of Public Opinion on the Safety of GMOs
Discussion leader: Rene Feyereisen, INRA, Antibes, France & U. Arizona
Toby Ten Eyck, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
"Media and Public Perception"
Paul B. Thompson, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
"Ethical and Cultural Considerations"
Monday, February 12
Session 2: Diversity in Chemistry for Crop Protection
Discussion leader: Keith Wing, DuPont,
Jörg Stetter, Bayer, AG, Leverkusen, Germany
"Lead Generation for Crop Protection"
Ann Egan, Rohm & Haas, Spring House, PA
"Prospects for New Fungicides"
Alison Chalmers, Aventis CropScience, Research Triangle Park, NC
"Prospects for New Insecticides"
Terence A. Walsh, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, Indiana
"Prospects for New Herbicides"
Monday, February 12
Session 3: Poster Session I
Crop Protection Chemicals

Monday, 12
Session 4: Targets, Screening, and Crop Protection
Discussion leader: John Ryals, Paradigm Genetics, Research Triangle Park, NC
Chris Murray, Proteus Molecular Design, Ltd., Macclesfield, UK
"In silico screening"
John Ormrod, Zeneca Agrochemicals, Jealott's Hill, UK
"Trends in Crop Protection Screening"
TBA, Paradigm Genetics, Research Triangle Park, NC
"Genomics and Herbicide Target Sites"
Tuesday, February 13
Session 5: Tools & Approaches in Agricultural Science
Discussion leader: Elizabeth Hood, Prodigene, College Station, TX
Karl Kramer, USDA/ARS, Grain Marketing & Production Research Cntr, Manhattan, KS
"What happens to insect pests when a chicken gene is put into corn?"
Zhongmin Wei, EDEN Bioscience Corp., Bothell, WA
"Plant gene induction with harpin-like peptides"
Terry Hanzlik, CSIRO, Australia
"Insect RNA viruses"
Lindsey Flexner, DuPont, Stine-Haskell Labs, Newark, DE
"Baculovirus Insecticides"
Tuesday, February 13
Session 6: Poster Session II
Biotech Company Forum
Tuesday, February 13
Session 7: Novel Research Tools for Agricultural Science
Discussion leader: Guy della-Cioppa, Large Scale Biology, Vacaville, CA
Mark Alfenito, Dyax Corporation, Mountain View, CA
"Applications of Phage Antibody Libraries"
Greg Pogue, Large Scale Biology, Vacaville, CA
"Plant Proteomics and Transient Expression"
Wednesday, February 14
Session 8: Lessons in Signal Perception
Discussion leader: Mark Cigan, Pioneer Hi-Bred
Ann Hirsch, University of California, Los Angeles, CA
"Plant Microbe Singaling in Symbiosis"
Walter Leal, University of California, Davis, CA
"Insect Phermone Signal Transduction"
Michael Adams, University of California, Riverside, CA
"Regualtion of Insect Ecdysis"
Wednesday, Februrary 14
Session 9: Poster Session III
Research in Gene Expression and Signal Transduction
Wednesday, February 14
Session 10: Applications in Signal Transduction
Discussion leader: Erica Unger-Wallace, Pioneer Hi-Bred
"Applications in Plant Breeding"
Stephen Goff, NADII, San Diego, CA
"Chemical Switches"
Andy Greenland, Zeneca, Jealott's Hill, UK
"Inducible Gene Expression Systems"
Thursday, February 15
Session 11: Novel Traits
Discussion leader: Pam Green, Michigan State University
Adelbert Bacher, Technical University of Munich, Garching, Germany
"Non-mevalonate Terpenoid Biosynthesis"
James Zhang, Mendel Biotechnology, Haywared, CA
"Engineering Crops for Stress Tolerance"
Malla Padidam, Rohm & Haas, Rohm & Haas, Springhouse, PA
"Engineering Crops for Chemically-regulated Gene Expression"
Thursday, February 15
Session 12: Poster Session IV
Traits & Platforms
Thursday, February 15
Session 13: Novel Platforms
Discussion leader: Dan O'Keefe, DuPont, Wilmington, DE
Stan Gelvin, Purdue University, West Lafayette,
"Plant Genes Involved in Agrobacterium Transformation"
Newell Bacomb, Icon Genetics, Princeton, NJ
"Challenges in Accelerating Trait Engineering"