Biomaterials: Biocompatibility and Tissue Engineering

Venue: Plymouth

Location: Plymouth, New Hampshire, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 22, 2001 End Date/Time: Jul 27, 2001
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Healing in the Presence of Implanted Materials
Characterizing the Foreign Body Response
Tissue Regeneration
Tissue Engineered Device Constructs
Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering
Water and Biological Interfaces
Extracellular Matrix and Cell Interactions
Design Features for Polymeric Biomaterials
Patterned Biomaterials for Selecting Response
Selective Recognition and Biomimetic Materials
Advanced Materials Imagery
Gordon Research Conference on
Biomaterials: Biocompatibility and Tissue Engineering
July 22-27, 2001

Holderness Academy
Holderness, New Hampshire, USA.

Chair: Dr. David W. Grainger, Department of Chemistry
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1872

Vice-Chair: Dr. Bill Wagner, Department of Surgery
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Conference Session Schedule

This long-running state-of-the-field conference has adopted an alternate theme cycle between more applied versus more basic biomaterials topical areas in alternate years. This 2001 GRC will return to more fundamental aspects of biomaterials development, tissue engineering issue and biocompatibility characterization.

As Chair of this year's conference, I would like to emphasize that this GRC is being organized to represent several areas of critical importance to basic biomaterials science. Conference sessions are organized around the following timely, relevant and important topics and outstanding issues:

What constitutes healing in the presence of a foreign body (an implant)? How should we characterize this response? Can we modulate this response in a host?

What role does hydration and water structure play in interfacial activation of proteins? What are the theoretical and practical considerations for designing interfaces that react with water in terms of protein-surface response, adsorption and activation?

General criteria and biomaterials design parameters to elicit specific performance using controlled spatial chemistry, controlled architectures, bio-inspired designs, and lessons from cell and molecular biology.

Methods to design specific recognition into biomaterials using receptor-ligands, immobilized cellular cues, growth factors and hybrid materials concepts.

New polymers applied in medical context as delivery vehicles, carriers, and matrices.

Stem cell based materials and therapies

Cell-surface interactions, extracellular matrix and wound healing considerations

More fundamental aspects of tissue engineered materials and their performance.

The tradition of the Thursday night special presentation. This year's speaker will be Felice Frankel (MIT) an internationally recognized expert in scientific imagery, photography and scientific art, specifically related to surface and materials chemistry.

We look forward to your application and active participation in this year's Gordon Research Conference on Biomaterials, Biocompatibility and Tissue Engineering July 22-27, 2001 at Holderness Academy, NH!!
Conference Schedule:
July 22: Sunday PM Healing and the Foreign Body Response

Discussion Leader: Tony Atala, Harvard Medical School

Monty Reichert (Duke University) "Transport considerations in implant-associated wound healing"

Jim Anderson (Case-Western Reserve University) "Monocytes, Macrophages, and Foreign Body Giant Cells on Biomaterials Surfaces"

Buddy Ratner (University of Washington, UWEB) "Toward Control of the Foreign Body Response and Healing"

July 23: Monday AM Engineering Tissues with Biomaterials

Discussion Leader: Ravi Bellamkonda, Case Western Reserve University

Masayuki Yamato (TWMU, Japan) "Cell sheet engineering utilizing smart polymers"

Dave Mooney (University of Michigan) "Controlling tissue formation via the chemistry and mechanics of the cell-biomaterial interaction"

Linda Griffith (MIT) "Progress toward regenerating liver tissue and function in vitro"

July 23: Monday PM Stem Cells in Tissue Engineering

Discussion Leader: Elliot Chaikoff, Emory University

George Muschler (Cleveland Clinic stion) " Marrow-derived osteoprogenitor cells in bone tissue engineering"

George Daley (MIT) "ES cell differentiation and hematopoietic engraftment of mice with ES- cell-derived cells"

July 24: Tuesday AM Water and Interactions at Biological Interfaces

Discussion Leader: Erwin Vogler, Penn State University

Michael Grunze (University of Heidelberg, Germany) "Water in soft interphases"

Chris Siedlecki (University of Pennsylvania-Hershey Medical Center) "Water as a mediator of protein/biomaterial interactions"

Herman Kreuzer (University of Dalhousie, Canada) "A first principles theory of single polymer molecules, polymer brushes and their interaction with water"

July 24: Tuesday PM Designs for Improved Polymeric Biomaterials

Discussion Leader: Molly Shoichet, University of Toronto

Anna Balazs (University of Pittsburgh) "Theoretical Modeling of Polymer-Surface Interactions:Implications for Biomaterials"

Kathryn Uhrich (Rutgers University) "Designing Degradable Polymeric Materials for Drug Delivery"

Anne Mayes (MIT) "Self-organization schemes for polymeric biomaterials"

July 25: Wednesday AM Patterned and Complex Biomaterials

Discussion Leader: Kevin Healy, University of California-Berkeley

Ashutosh Chilkoti (Duke University) "Development of New Micro- and Nano-fabrication Methods for Biomaterials"

Milan Mrksich (University of Chicago) "Model Substrates for Studying and Controlling Cell Adhesion"

July 25: Wednesday PM Extracellular Matrix Interactions and Signaling

Discussion Leader: Pat Stayton, University of Washington

Alan Wells (University of Pittsburgh) "Novel signaling modes of tenascin"

Samy Ashkar (MIT) "Integrin-specific peptide screening for modulation of in vivo wound healing responses"

Andres Garcia (Georgia Tech) "Model Surfaces to Direct Integrin Binding and Cell Function"

July 26: Thursday AM Biomaterials Designed for Specific Recognition

Discussion Leader: Dan Hammer, University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer West (Rice University) "Synthetic ECM Analogs: Biomimetic Materials for Tissue Engineering".

Jeff Hubbell (ETH-Zurich, Switzerland) "Synthetic, Biomimetic Cell Ingrowth Matrices"

July 26: Thursday PM Special Presentation:

Host: Dave Grainger, Colorado State University

Felice Frenkel (MIT) "Photography, Imagery and Materials"

July 27: Friday AM Breakfast and Departure


Additional Information

Poster Presentations: Dedicated thematic poster sessions will be organized by Conference Vice-Chair, Bill Wagner Those GRC attendees accepted to the conference by the organizers and wishing to present poster research communications must send a one-page scientific abstract to Dr. Wagner by e-mail. Technical content including new and unpublished scientific material should be indicated. Selected abstracts will be organized into the poster sessions based on perceived value, contribution, topical nature and overall number. Attendance and Registration: Attendance to this Conference is limited to 125 people. Selection to attend remains at the discretion of the Conference Chair and Vice-Chair and will be made primarily on the basis of expertise and interest in the field. Since "first-come, first served" rules also apply, early application is recommended. Electronic registration is possible: