Location: TILTON, New Hampshire, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 10, 2001 End Date/Time: Jun 15, 2001
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June 10-15, 2001

Peter Walter, Chair
Ira Herskowitz, Vice-Chair

Signaling Mechanisms

Stefan Jentsch (MPI Martinsried)
Regulated ubiquitin/proteasome-dependent processing of membrane-bound transcription factors
Dennis Selkoe (Harvard Medical School)
Presenilins, Notch and the Genesis of Alzheimer's Disease
Li-Huei Tsai (Harvard Medical School)
Neuronal phosphorylation in brain development and degeneration
Xiao-Dong Wang (UT Southwestern)
Biochemical study of apoptosis

Cell Biology of Drugs

David Julius (UCSF)
Natural Products as Probes of the Nervous System
Baldomero Olivera (U Utah)
Conus Peptides: 50 Million Years of Drug Design
Roger Tsien (UC San Diego)
Genetically encoded indicators of signal transduction and protein interaction
Masahi Yanagisawa (UT Southwestern)
To eat or to sleep? Orexins in coordination of energy homeostasis and vigilance

Cell Organization

Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (NIH)
Kinetics of secretory efflux from the Golgi: implications for Golgi organization & function
Jodi Nunnari (UC Davis)
The topologically complex process of mitochondrial division
Matthias Peter (ISREC)
Control of cell polarity and actin dynamics in yeast
Peter Takizawa (UCSF)
Plasma membrane compartmentalization by mRNA localization and a diffusion barrier

Molecular Evolution

Bruce Lahn (U Chicago)
Understanding genome function & evolution by comparative genomics approaches
Jack Szostak (Harvard)
[title to be submitted]
Heather True-Krob (U Chicago)
A yeast prion provides a mechanism for genetic variation and phenotypic diversity
Todd Yeates (UCLA)
Computational discovery of protein interactions and protein networks

Logic of Signaling Networks

Jim Ferrell (Stanford) [title to be submitted]
Ira Herskowitz (UCSF) Overlapping Pathways, Crosstalk, and Networks in Response to High Osmolarity
Stanislas Leibler (Princeton) [title to be submitted]
Tobias Meyer (Stanford) Translocation and reversible localization: A dynamic view of signal transduction
Erin O’Shea (UCSF) Signal Processing in Budding Yeast

Functional Genomics and Proteomics

Steven Benner (U Florida)
Extracting Biological Function from Genomic Sequence Data: The Evolutionary Explication
Joseph DeRisi (UCSF)
Malaria Genomics
Beth Grayhack (U Rochester)
[title to be submitted]
Gavin MacBeath (Harvard)
Extending micro-array technology to study protein function

Cell Biology of Disease

Elaine Fuchs (U Chicago)
Cell Adhesion, the Cytoskeleton and Disease
Leslie Leinwand (U Colorado)
Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure
Matt Warman (Case Western Reserve)
Altered skeletal growth and homeostasis associated with mutations in secreted growth regulators

Cell Cycle Regulation and Chromosome Dynamics

Angelika Amon (MIT)
Exit from mitosis in yeast
Titia de Lange (Rockefeller U)
Protection and Maintenance of Human Telomeres
Marc Kirschner (HMS)
Proteolysis and Cell Cycle Control
Peter Sorger (MIT)
Genomic Stability and Kinetohore Function

Molecular Machines

Kazuhiko Kinosita (Keio U, Yokohama) F1-ATPase: a rotary stepper motor
Ron Milligan (Scripps)
Structure and Action of Molecular motors
Tom Steitz (Yale U)
The atomic structure and function of a large RNA-protein machine -- the large ribosomal subunit
Susan Wente (Washington U, St Louis)
Regulation of Nuclear Pore Complex Function and Assembly