AsCA 2001

Venue: Bangalore

Location: Bangalore, India

Event Date/Time: Nov 18, 2001 End Date/Time: Nov 21, 2001
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The Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA), founded in 1987 for the promotion of crystallographic activities in Asia, is a regional associate of the International Union of Crystallography and is represented by 17 National Associations. AsCA'01 is the fourth
meeting of the association and will be held at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, during November 18-21, 2001.
The scientific program includes plenary lectures, symposia and poster presentations. A number of satellite symposia and workshops will also be organized, either before or after AsCA'01. It may be possible to provide partial financial support to selected young crystallographers to enable them to attend the meeting.

The venue
The venue of the meeting, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), founded in 1909, is one of the oldest modern research centres in Asia. Since then, IISc has grown into a premier institution of research, with more than 2000 active members working in almost all frontier areas of Science and Technology. IISc is situated in Bangalore, which is the hub of scientific and IT activity in India. Bangalore weather is good throughout the year and is very pleasant during November. It is the capital of Karnataka State, famous for jasmine, silk and sandal wood artifacts.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Bangalore is representative of India, which is a world within a world. The literature, art and culture of India stretch back to prehistoric times. It is a land of multiple colours, sounds, smells and cultures. All major religious and secular movements of the world either originated from India or find a peaceful shelter here. A visit to Bangalore and India is an unforgettable experience.

Symposium topics

A1 Foundation, theory and history of crystallography

A2 Instrumentation and Techniques

A3 Crystallography in physics

A4 Crystallography in chemistry

A5 Crystallography in materials science

A6 Crystallography in biology, medicine and pharmacology

A7 Powder methods

A8 Aperiodic structures

A9 Charge density studies

A10 Crystallographic education

International Organising Committee

Chair: Zihe Rao, (China)

T.N. Guru Row (India)

C.L. Raston (Australia)

A. Hamid Othman (Malaysia)

Shih Lin Chang (Taiwan)

Young - Ja Park (Korea)

Ian D. Williams (Hong Kong)

Makoto Sakata (Japan)

Yoshio Matsui (Japan)

Altaf Hussain (Bangladesh)

Jim Simpson (New zealand)

International Programme Committee

Chair: C.J. Howard (Australia)

T. Baker (New Zealand)

Yu Wang (Taiwan)

M.R.N.Murthy (India)

K.Ogawa (Japan)

J.Kamiyama (Japan)

H-F Fan (China)

National Advisory Committee

R.Chidambaram ( Bombay)

R.A.Mashelkar ( Delhi)

G.Mehta (Bangalore)

V.S.Ramamurthy (Delhi)

S.Ramaseshan (Bangalore)

Manju Sharma (Delhi)

A.R.Verma (Delhi)

M.A.Viswamitra (Bangalore)

M.Vijayan (Bangalore) (Convener)

National Organising Committee

Chair: M. Vijayan (Bangalore)

Co-Chair: Krishan Lal (Delhi)

Secretary: M.R.N. Murthy (Bangalore)

Treasurer: T.N. Guru Row (Bangalore)

T.P. Singh (Delhi)

O.N. Srivastava (Varanasi)

Dhananjai Pande (Varanasi)

Sengupta (Calcutta)

J.K. Duttagupta (Calcutta)

G.R. Desiraju (Hyderabad)

K.K. Kannan (Mumbai)

Vasantha Pattabhi (Madras)

A.K. Singh (Bangalore)

M.A. Ittyachen (Kottayam)

A.K. Sahni, INSA (Delhi)

Alok Moitra, INSA (Delhi)