International Symposium on Schistosomiasis ((ISS 2001))


Location: SHANGAI, China

Event Date/Time: Jul 04, 2001 End Date/Time: Jul 06, 2001
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Shanghai, China

The International Symposium on Schistosomiasis (ISS 2001) is scheduled for July 4-6, 2001 in Shanghai. The aims of the symposium are to explore new approaches and exchange experiences in the control of schistosomiasis, to promote friendly communication among scientists in all countries, and to give impetus to the cooperation between scientists of this country and the specialized agencies in the world involved in the control and research of schistosomiasis.

China has made substantial progress in controlling schistosomiasis. The number of infected persons has been steadily decreasing, from more than 10 million in the 1950s to currently less than one million, and the disease has been eradicated in five out of 12 originally infected provinces. Aiming at morbidity control, the implementation of the China Schistosomiasis Control programme, supported by the World Bank Loan 1992-2000, has resulted in a further decrease of prevalence and morbidity, both in humans and bovines.

The Organizing Committee is looking forward, in all earnestness, to your participating in the Symposium. It is our sincere hope to acquire an understanding, through exchanges among scientists both within and outside the country, on subjects relating to the control of schistosomiasis in the fields of research, information, activities, new technique and methodology in order to facilitate the further development and improvement of anti-schistosomiasis activities, as to expedite the control process of this country as well as in the world.


Organizing Committee


Yin Dakui

Vice Minister

Ministry of Health

Vice Chairmen:

Chen Xianyi

Deputy director

Division of Diseases Control

Ministry of Health

Wang Ke'an


Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine

Secretary General:

Guo Jinping

Deputy Chief

Control of Endemic and Parasitic Diseases

Division of Diseases Control

Ministry of Health


Wang Liying, Liu Jun, Chen Minggang, Feng Zheng, Zheng Jiang, Li Changyou,

Pan Handing


Scientific Committee


Prof. Wang Ke'an

Vice Chairmen:

Prof Chen Minggang

Prof Feng Zheng

Prof Zheng Jiang


Yuan Hongchang, Yu Senhai, Wu Guanlin, Jiang Qingwu, Shen Wei, Xiao Shuhua,

Zhu Yinchang, Zhou Xiaonong, Guo Jiagang, Wang Tianping


Zhou Xiaonong, Guo Jiagang, Wang Tianping


The Theme of the Symposium:

Schistosomiasis control towards the 21st century


1.Status of schistosomiasis control programmes

2.Progress of applied field researches

3.Biology and control approaches of snail hosts

4.Novel approaches for schistosomiasis control

5.Pathogenesis and morbidity of the disease

6.Immunology and vaccine development

7.Screening of population for chemotherapy in low transmission areas

8.Affordable intervention methods in different endemic settings

9.Impact of animal schistosomiasis on agricultural development and importance of its control

10.GIS roles in monitoring enviornmental changes

Working language

Papers are presented in English language.


- Plenary session

- Group presentation and discussions

- Round table discussions


Papers, not having been published before, are accepted after peer review and assessment. The abstracts of the accepted papers are to be published in English in a one-volume edition prior to the Symposium. Authors are kindly requested to fill in the attached reply form with the title of the paper and sent it back to the Secretariat before October 31, 2000. The second circular is arranged to be delivered thereupon in December of 2000.


Participant: US$ 200

Accompanying person: US$ 100


For the receipt of the attached reply form: 31 October, 2000

For the receipt of abstract: 28 February 2001

Sightseeing tour:

China is a country with an ancient history of civilization more than 5000 years old. Shanghai, the biggest city in China, contains a number of places of historical and tourist interest. Sightseeing tours will be arranged during and after the symposium by the local travel agencies on your own expenses. There will also be tours to neighbouring scenic cities, such as Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing, as well as remote cities, Beijing, Guilin, Xi'an, the Three Gorges, etc., after the Symposium,.


1. Dr Chen Minggang, Vice-Chairman of Scientific Committee of ISS 2001

Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine

207, Rui Jin Er Lu

Shanghai 200025


Email address:

Fax: (86)21-64332670

2. Dr Zhou Xiaonong, Secretary of Scientific Committee of ISS 2001

Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Parasitic diseases

Meiyuan, Wuxi, 214064

Jiangsu Province


Email address:

Fax: (86)510-5510263