4th International Symposium on Sturgeon

Venue: Oshkosh

Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 08, 2001 End Date/Time: Jul 13, 2001
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The 4th International Symposium on Sturgeon will be held July 8-13, 2001 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA at the Park Plaza International Hotel and Convention Center. The 4th ISS is being planned to ensure the tradition of excellence carried on by previous symposia at Bordeaux (France, 1989), Moscow (Russia, 1993), and Piacenza (Italy, 1997).

Symposium Objectives:
To provide a forum for exchange of information and knowledge on the biology, culture and management of Acipenseriformes of the world
To provide an opportunity for scientists, biologists, enforcement specialists and commercial interests working with Acipenseriformes around the world to network, share experiences and develop new research and management initiatives for the benefit of sturgeon populations and their users.

Steering Committee:

Ronald M. Bruch
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Oshkosh, WI

Fred P. Binkowski
University of Wisconsin WATER Institute
Milwaukee, WI

Serge I. Doroshov
Dept. of Animal Science
University of California-Davis
Davis, CA

4th ISS Organizational Committees:
Overall Planning and Coordination Steering Committee

Program/Workshops Scientific Committee

Poster Session Tom Thuemler, WI Dept. of Natural Resources thuemt@cybrzn.com

Doug Beard, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Audio Visual Coordinator Jim Lubner, Wisconsin Sea Grant Program

Registration Kendal Kamke, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Dave Bartz, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Bob Olynyk, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Travel Arrangements

Airline tickets, car rentals Erika Franzen, Omega World Travel

Local travel arrangements Art Techlow, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Field Tours Mike Schrage, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Law Enforcement/CITES Workshop Byron Goetsch, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Trade Show Doug Rinzel, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Breaks and Banquet Kathy Sylvester, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Cindy Rudolph, WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Contact Numbers and Addresses:
Browse our web site for information on the 4th ISS and make your plans for Oshkosh in July 2001, or contact the webmaster at: bruchr@dnr.state.wi.us

4th ISS Telephone: 1-920-424-3059
P.O. Box 109 Fax: 1-920-424-4404
Oshkosh, WI 54903-0109


The Symposium will be from Sunday July 8 through Friday July 13 including 1 day of special workshops, and 5 days of presentations (papers and posters), and technical visits. Papers will be divided into three main sessions: Biology, Aquaculture, and Management. Symposium program is currently under development. Technical visits will include a Sturgeon Tour on the Wolf River, and a tour of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Great Lakes WATER Institute in Milwaukee.

Areas of emphasis for oral and poster papers

Biology (Coordinator: Fred Binkowski)

Phylogeny and Taxonomy
Genomic Variation
Life History

Developmental Biology

Aquaculture (Coordinator: Serge Doroshov)

Culture Techniques and Husbandry
Broodstock and Hatchery Management
Breeding Programs (for culture and conservation)

Disease and Health Management
Product Quality
Economics and Marketing

Management and Regulation (Coordinator: Ronald Bruch)

Population Biology and Management
Management History and Policies
Management and Economics
Public Involvement in Management

Enforcement Issues
Enforcement Techniques
Regulation History and Policies

Workshops and Discussion Sessions
Sturgeon Sexing and Gonad Staging, and Sturgeon Disease and Pathology

Technical hands-on workshops will be held prior to the start of the formal symposium proceedings in the following subject areas:

Sturgeon sexing and gonad staging
Sturgeon pathology, diagnostics of disease and health management

These workshops will require an additional fee. Enrollment capacity will be limited and will be met on a first come first served basis after registration materials are distributed in September 2000.

Sturgeon Age Interpretation

All symposium registrants will be have the opportunity to participate in a demonstration on sturgeon age interpretation.


A facilitated discussion will be conducted on the status of CITES implementation and the international trade of sturgeon and sturgeon products. See Proposed Agenda for special workshop on sturgeon law enforcement and CITES, resource inspection and regulation.

4th ISS Trade Show
The 4th ISS will feature a trade show of vendors displaying their products and services in the area of aquaculture and aquatic resource management and assessment. For further information please contact the 4th ISS Trade Show Chairman, Doug Rinzel, at 1-920-303-5429 or at rinzed@dnr.state.wi.us