Revelling in Reference 2001 -- reference and information service section symposium (2001 RAISS conferenc)

Venue: Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Event Date/Time: Oct 11, 2001 End Date/Time: Oct 14, 2001
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Revelling in Reference

Hot Topic
The committee is currently calling for papers
RAISS 2001 Symposium
Friday 12 - Sunday 14 October
Victoria University Conference Centre
Level 12, 300 Flinders Street

Program - call for papers
Day 1 - Why reference makes a difference
Pursuing the motif of reference librarians as a keystone species, we seek papers on what reference staff and libraries are doing which brings the riches of information and knowledge to our clients. Reference staff know they are importance but can be hard-pressed to articulate specifically what they do that does make a difference. Papers on successful projects, studies of reference activity, new ways of reaching out, new ways of meeting client's needs are all welcome. Papers on the characteristics of good reference service and why and when reference services fall down are also sought.

Day 2 - How reference will make a difference
On this day we will consider what skills, knowledge and approaches reference staff and libraries will need in the future to continue to make a difference. We welcome papers on such topics as the skills requires by reference staff, how reference services should be integrated with other library activities, information literacy, building information partnerships, convergent technologies and communicating with remote users.

Day 3 (half day)
On the third day we will endeavour to summarise draw together the themes of the symposium and send out participants with renewed enthusiasm to carry out the work of reference.

On days 1 and 2 we will also hold a series of workshops to explore particular aspects of reference work and make recommendations for the development of reference work in the future. Sessions to showcase innovation and new services are also planned. These will have the aim of giving participants specific actions to take away and providing those who cannot attend with ideas for future development.
Type of presentation
45 minutes maximum (35 minutes talk plus 10-15 minutes question time)
One and a half hours
Innovation showcase
20-40 minutes. These may involve presentations on a common theme by several people and should actively engage participants in some way.
Submission of presentations
Method 1
Print this form [requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]. Fill in the details and send to the conference secretariat. Include a 3.5" floppy diskette containing your abstract and profile. These should be written in Word for Windows.
Method 2
Use the online form.
Method 3
Send an email to Use either the online form or printable form as a guide to the details required.
Selection of presentations will be based on capacity to stimulate and inspire.
You will be notified if your paper has been accepted or not by March 2001.
It is expected that all authors selected will be available to present at the conference

Revelling in Reference will explore why reference staff make a difference and what they must learn and do to go on making a difference.


Share the best
Learn the new
Make the difference
Why 'Revel in Reference?'

This symposium provides an opportunity for for practitioners in reference and information services to celebrate achievements, share ideas, innovation and experience, challenge the 'old' and plan for the 'new'.

'Revelling in Reference' will promote participation and lively debate on issues facing reference service today and look ahead to the future.

Participants should leave the symposium with renewed enthusiasm, tools, and confirmation of the value of quality service

Margaret Smith
Chair, Conference Committee