Boron 2001: International Workshop on all Aspects of Plant and Animal Boron Nutrition

Venue: Bonn

Location: Bonn, Germany

Event Date/Time: Jul 24, 2001 End Date/Time: Jul 27, 2001
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International workshop on all aspects of plant and animal boron nutrition
Bonn, Germany
July 24 - 27, 2001
A satellite meeting to the
XIV International Plant Nutrition Colloquium in
Hannover, Germany
July 28 - August 03, 2001
(last update: november 5th 1998)

Why again a workshop on B?
The Boron'97 meeting has been a great success in summarizing all recent developments in basic and applied research on boron's function, especially in plants. New techniques have been developed and new insight has been gained into the role of boron in plant metabolism. Nevertheless, there are still lots of open questions.
It is expected that gathering the "aficionados" of the different areas of boron research again will be fruitful. The organizers of the workshop would therefore like to invite all researchers interested in the different aspects of boron nutrition in plants and animals to an informal gathering as a satellite meeting to the XIV IPNC.
We would especially encourage and invite researchers dealing with animal/human nutritional aspects of boron to participate in this meeting, as both plant and animal physiologists may learn from each other.
Increasing the intensity of land use, boron deficiency seems to become an issue on many sites which are used by agriculture or forestry. So we would like to also invite people who deal with practical aspects such as the diagnosis and alleviation of boron deficiency or the use of secondary boron fertilizers.

Organization of the workshop
As the intention of the workshop is mainly a direct exchange of information between researchers, most presentations will be either oral in 15 minutes or posters. In order to obtain a maximum exchange of information, no larger oral presentations will be held. It is assumed that the respective summarizing articles in Boron'97 have sufficiently dealt with the to-date state of the art. The official language of the workshop will be English.

Major subject areas
We would like to invite presentations on all aspects of the the following areas:
1. functions of boron in the plant metabolism
2. functions of boron in the animal metabolism
3. boron toxicity in plants and animals
4. diagnosis of acute and latent boron deficiency
5. boron fertilization
6. use of secondary boron fertilizers (organic and inorganic wastes)

Dates and Place
The workshop will be held at the University of Bonn from July 24th to 27th.
A half-day field trip will take place during the meeting.

Bonn is the former capital of Germany, located in the Rhine river valley with beautiful surroundings. After the movement of a large part of the government to Berlin, Bonn is planned to become an international centre for science and culture. You will thus have a chance to see the first results of this change. Bonn offers several museums of international reputation. The city of Cologne (Köln) with the spectacular "Dom" and many interesting places can be reached within 15 minutes by train.

Any comment and suggestion will be highly appreciated. Please send them to the organizer's office, preferably by e-mail.

Conference Office

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